30 March 2009

What Have You Learnt From Earth Hour?

What have you learnt from the Earth Hour campaign?
Did you get something valuable?

I am not sure about you but I do gain something valuable during that dark hour. I had managed to pursuit my family members in order to join the Earth Hour event. Well, it is not easy to make my dad a green supporter especially when the activity will stop him from watching football matches. Anyway, I am really proud of him as he to give up his entertainment and join the green spirit.

Before the clock stroke at 8.30pm, my family and I were on our way back from dinner. We were a bit late before reaching home. So, along the way, we managed to witness a few buildings which had participated in the campaign.

P/s: This is my very first time feeling good in posting up dark photos. They do show Earth Hour moment, don't they? Hahaha.. XD

Once we reached home, we tried to adjust ourselves with the darkness. None of the electricity items were being switched on as we want to experience the quite and dark moment, together. A small gathering among my family members was held in the living room and we discussed nearly everything.

I thought they might want to switch on the light, fans as well as the TV immediately once the campaign was over (9.30pm). To my surprise, they didn't. Instead, they had kept that Earth Hour moment long enough till the sun rays from the window hurt their skins. Well, I am seriously impressed! Lol...

Frankly, I kinda feel proud to see the participation of the people because I know it isn't easy to pursuit the Malaysian in joining environment campaign. Well, just look at my dad. Hmpm.. I do hope that this campaign has at created the awareness on the environmental issues among the society, not just Malaysian. It is a good start in letting people to start thinking about ways in saving the Earth as she is under critical moment now. One hour practice isn't enough in saving our gigantic home. So, let's us do something in order to help our Earth.

P/s: I will make sure my dad stop buying newspapers... =P