08 March 2009

Meet My Big Family, Shall We?

I was reorganizing my files in my N-eggie (my handphone) some hours ago after spending my whole day doing my almost-to-deadline assignment. I realized that photos do play an important role in helping one to capture every beautiful moment with the people we care and love. I am proud to be born in this digital world. It makes my life colourful and luxurious.


Browsing all the photos which are stored in my handphone memory, my heart was sank into the waves of emotion while my breath became inconsistent. I was probably feeling touched for having such a nice 'family'. Every single photo of being togetherness with my 'family members' tells a thousand stories behind it and trust me, they are all beautiful memories. They are something which I swear I will never forget as long as my long-term memory still working.

*Photos were taken during Ily's birthday*

I feel like introducing my family members with you, in my blog as I am proud to have them right now in my current life. I believe it is hard to find a bunch of nice, sweet friends who are also your coursemates and come from different country,culture, belief and religion. Well, yes. I do have international coursemates and I just can't believe we are family now!


The List Of My Family Members:
Mama - Malaysian
Eldest sister - Singapore
Second sister - Brunei
Third sister - Malaysian
Youngest - Me
Uncle - Indonesian
Perima (aunty) - Malaysian

Gosh. Perima is going to kill me if she saw this. Lol...
Wait. Mama has announced that I will have a younger sister. Oh my. Who is our papa? Don't ask. I wonder too.

Maybe the idea of creating a so-called family in class is such a childish one. Well, I felt a little funny at first but it actually brings a good experience to me. The bond of friendship between us become stronger and we get to know each other better. I seriously don't know how it works. I guess it is most probably because of we spend more time joking and working with each other compare to previous semesters.

By the way, I don't mind being 'childish' for awhile. Life is too stressful if I have to keep myself serious for 24/7. Right?


P/S: Thank for the unconditional support and care from you guys through out these few semesters. Curryegg might never be as cheerful as she is without you guys. This post is dedicated for all of you, my lovely 'family'. Muacks..