20 March 2009

My Style Of Blogging

Good morning everybody. How are you?
Believe it or not, I feel so excited today, so energetic, so positive. Friday has never been so beautiful as far as I remember. I guess my positive feeling is due to my long resting hours. I slept like 10 hours, could you believe that?

Well, I believe my body need a good rest ever since months ago. Next two days will be my busy days as I am going back to my granny's house in order to do prayer - Cheng Beng. Unconsciously, granny has left us for about 8 months now and it will be my first time visiting her graveyard during Cheng Beng.

Better save up this story for Sunday and let's move on to my findings.

I have this sudden urge since couple of days ago to announce about my discovery on my style of blogging. Being a 2-years-old blogger, I realize that my style of blogging is influenced by my university schedule. That's mean, the environment which I am exposed to at that particular moment affect the way I blog.

Since this is a personal blog, it reflects whatever things or incident which is going on in my present life. Thus, I found out this style of writing and let me explain it using picture (one of the best way in presenting my point, right? haha..)

The months which are typed in black colour are the time where my classes begin and they are my stress moment. Assignment, test, project, presentation and chit-chat moment conquering most of my time. Eeerrr.... So, that is when self-talk, psychology and random posts 'conquering' my blog. Ok. What to do? This is the student life which I am facing now. I should enjoy it, right? :)

On the other hand, the red highlighted months are my semester break. Which mean, more fun and adventurous posts will shine my blog! Yeah! I just can't wait. Holiday is always the greatest time in a student life (although it might be boring sometimes especially when one has no plan).


  • Jan-May & July-Nov = Random + Pyscholgy+ Motivational Post
  • May-July & Nov-Dec = Event + Gathering + Travel post

P/s: Don't worry, each post which I blog here will lead you to the way in knowing me better - anything you want to know about Curryegg's life. I know you love me so much.. XD

At the same time, this post is hinting you something..
If you want to treat me and take me for a trip, do choose May-July or Nov-Dec. Hahaha.... Ok. I am just joking.. :P

Better get back into my work. Oh ya. Do help me in completing the poll which is next to my sidebar. Do allow me to know your opinion..

Thanks and Happy Friday!