03 March 2009

Left Handed Dies Faster?


Left handed dies faster compare to the right handed? What an unfair finding. Hmpm!

Just a couple of hours ago, as I was trying to finish up my assignment in the room, I heard a loud screaming voice from the living room, which was obviously my mum. She was so excited when the reporters were reading about the recent finding on the left-handed.

It was so crazy wrazy!
Oops.. I mean freaky crazy!
Forgive me.. :P

All I could hear was the left handed would most probably die faster, few days, weeks or years earlier compare to the right handed. The reasons?

I can't remember the list of reasons but I can recall the main one. The scientist found out most of the left handed have shorter life span is probably because of the discrimination which has happened since centuries ago, when human beings claimed that using the right hand to write is considered normal. As a result, almost all of the things are designed for the right handed. And we, the natural-born left handed are either being punished to use the right hand or forced to use all the instruments which are designed for the right handed.

Under such a negative environment (I call it discrimination!), the left handed have to adjust themselves in order to follow norm and compromise with their own needs. I am not sure whether is this the factor which cause the left handed to die earlier. Maybe it is due to the stress? Anyway, this is what I heard from the news.

If you have read until this paragraph, I believe you have the hint that I am a left handed. Some of you who have been following my blog or have read 'about me' column, knew that I am a left handed. Well, I am proud to be one although I might die earlier - all of us will die.

The best news I have just discovered, couple of hours ago is that...

OBAMA is a LEFT HANDED too!!!!!


Another left landed in human history.
Oh my.

I remembered I have voiced out my disagreement on how the right handed treated us unfairly in one of my blog post. Yes. Here is my previous post: Are You A Left-Handed? Say Yes! Check it out if you are interested to know. I have my own points of course!

To my dear left handed readers,

Believe in yourself that you are a creative and innovative person and don't let this news scare you away. We can be as successful as Beethoven, Newton, Da Vincci or Einstein. There is no boundary...

Live no fears...

Note for my mum:

"Can you please stop forcing me to use my right hand when I was 22 years-old-now?? Don't worry. I promise I will click more on my mouse, computer keyboard and practice more on the piano to keep the balance between both my hands. Hopefully, my life span will be longer. Amitabha..."