31 March 2009

What Are These Two Creatures?

I managed to snap a good amount of photos during in my previous Port Dickson trip, few days ago and have been thinking of sharing them here. It has been a long time I didn't get the chance to step on the beach and play with sea water. What a miss!

Fortunately, this short trip to Port Dickson was undoubtedly fun!
Lately, assignments and projects in hand are just killing me and it was good to have a short break once in awhile. Well, I have been thinking of asking a few questions before I make a complete post for my Port Dickson trip.

You guess it right.
Another guess games!
HAha.... XD

So, what do you think about these pictures?
What are they?

(Be as creative as possible if you have no idea for the names of these creature. I am more than willing to hear your creative answer. hehe..)

P/s: Will reply your comments in my previous post, tomorrow. Thanks for your comments... ;)