01 March 2009

She Doesn't Need A Birthday Cake

First of all...
Thank you for your lovely wishes for my 2 year old baby. I mean my blog of course, silly!

Your wishes and your comments really touched my heart because celebrating my blog's birthday is just my crazy little idea. I thought it is one of my way to show my appreciation to my consistency in blogging. A way to motivate myself since I hardly do something for such a long period. 2 years! I just can't believe it.

Congratulation Curryegg.

You did manage to stop yourself from taking the idea to stop blogging. Frankly, I do have the idea to stop blogging whenever I am terribly down. I just can't help but feel negative. Maybe some of you have experienced this before? The feeling is like so terrible till you want to stop something which you love so much. Well, don't worry. I have survived and I am still blogging - for our daily dose. Haha.. I shall thank you my readers who never stop motivating me to continue my blog.

*Big bear hug for everyone of you*

Yesterday, I did do a small celebration for my little Curryegg. Everything seemed to be perfect till I realized that there is no cake for her. Gosh. How clumsy this mama is. Sigh. But no worries. As long as this mama is here, her creativity will safe the day.

Instead of driving out in the evening to look for a cute cake for my baby, I made something increadible. Something which you could hardly believe.

I am using a curry bowl, chicken eggs, a candle with rose aroma and a deco instead of a piece of cake.

And hey! Wait!

I even did a video for my little Curryegg with me, playing the piano. Hmpm, I should sing along. Let my curry's voice spicing my reader's ears.. Hahahaha....

So naughty of me... :)