05 March 2009

Update + Eggroll

It is Thursday again!
My favorite day of the week.

I can start chatting in the messenger, plurk and facebook without any doubt.
I can watch the unfinished Hong Kong series without worrying.
I can blog as long as I want.
I can get up late on the next following day without the scary alarm clock.

I can do any of the above activities till Sunday, before the classes start again...

Well, I don't think I am as free as before starting by this week. Remember I have told you in my previous post about my 8 assignments? I have tried to arrange my time and discovered that I can only finished all of them at the end of March (the earliest).

March. What a good start for March - the busiest month.
Anyway, don't worry about me. I can handle my time well. As long as I have the time and idea to blog, I will update myself from time to time.


Oh ya.
If anyone of you had ever asked for a link exchange or want to be in my Eggroll, you can drop me a comment here. Sometimes, I might have just forgotten. Personal blog will be most welcomed in my case because I enjoy reading personal blog. I will drop by whenever I have time.

I guess I should update my Eggroll (Blogroll) whenever I have the time. It is like ages since I updated it.

Another update

Did I ever tell you that I had trimmed my hair few days ago? I am not sure do I look really that different, according to my coursemates. Maybe it is because of the bang. Haha.. Some said I look good, some said I look weird. Whatever it is, this is my fresh look for March - the crazy month. I shall wait my hair grow again or maybe I should try cutting my hair short in the next following time.. :)

Ahhww... I miss Air Asia. I want a long break for vacation!
Miss miss miss.

The shirt has reminded me about my first journey with Air Asia (My Cool Trip With Manchester United Plane).

Miss miss miss!