28 March 2009

Earth Hour - My Version

Everybody is talking about Earth Hour lately.
My mum, my dad, my course mates, my blogger friends and even my fishes!


None of the Malaysian know nothing about this Earth Hour campaign since this news have been spread like wildfire since months ago. Well, except if you've never turned on the radio or TV. Or worse, you have never read newspapers or speak to people since months ago. That's really sounds like too 'kampung'. Whatever your excuses are, I don't believe in you because it is not true.

Because you're reading my blog, which means you're an Internet user. That's mean, Internet users wouldn't miss out this Earth Hour campaign right? If you seriously-frankly-honestly didn't know about this campaign, don't worry, you can know this from me.. :)

It is still not too late to visit www.earthhour.org and study about the objective. If you find it good and wish to be a part, sign up and vote for your country and area by simply register your name, email and location. Once you have done the registration, wait for the reply from them in your email box. Then, verify and confirm your registration by clicking on the provided link in your email. After you have done that, your vote will be accepted by their system.

There are several activities which you can take part during the Earth Hour at 8.30pm-9.30pm (28th March 2009) in your own area. You can snap photos and video during the light-of-moment and blog them or share your story in your social network account. Isn't that fun!?

Seriously, I just can't wait for the hour - about 17 hours more. I want to see the result during the whole process. Of course, I don't just mean the feeling of staying in total darkness with scary mosquitoes, thirsting for my blood. Eehhww.. I hate parasites!!!

The emerging of awareness on global warming issues among the society is what I really wish to witness. I know, it is not easy to make it happen in just one hour. Anyway, I believe it is a good start and we can try doing things little by little, one by one TOGETHER. As long as there are hopes, there will be ways.

Every campaign has its own pros and cons, including this Earth Hour campaign. Some of the cons might be these:

1) Security at your area might be a little loosen up since it is dark.
2) Wastage of other resources - don't use candles or torch light.
3) Fire might happen - if you're using candles.

Conclusion: Do take good care of your safety and reduce wastage.

What about the pros?

Emm... why not discover yourself and share with us after the event? :)


I really can't wait for the dark moment. Let us witness this meaningful event together.
In order to show my support, I have drawn a poster. Yes. Me draw again! Yipppppeeee! :D

So People!!!

Let's turn of the light~

Turn of the light~
(Nelly Furtado)

Yeah! :D