24 March 2009

Too Obsess With Curregg

Hey guys!
I am back again, finally...

Urrggg... Well, I just couldn't believe that I have successfully stopped myself from blogging for... 3 days? That's enough seriously. I can't ignore my blog more than the figure. Or else, those spiders, cockroaches (Oops.. I don't mean you, dead cockroach) and rats will start crawling on my blog.

Lol.. That's too much Curryegg.

My disappearance was due to my preparation for my test. Obviously, the test has just over and I am here to update my blog. Lol.. . Those struggles and hard work are paid off because I could answer those questions pretty okay. Thank God. It is good to be free again (at least for these few days..sigh..)

Ok. So back to my topic: Too Obessess With Curryegg.

Unexpectedly, I am really too obsess with my own species lately and I just don't understand, why? My mind, my behaviour and even my smell- pose how a curryegg should be. Is this some kind of... curry disorder?

Uh.. Better not. I can't imagine having a new disorder, namely curry disorder in DSM-IV. No no... no..

Anyway, there is something I wish to share with you, due to my serious obsession with curryegg. Lately, I seemed to love drawing and sketching egg on my note book. I guess it was a result of the Boring Class Creates More Cartoonists post which has motivated my production of art work. The fact is, I didn't draw them during classes (I know it is a 'crime), but draw them purposely during my free time.

Wanna peep on my work?
Haha.. XD


So, how are they?

The happy hard-boiled-egg which has been cut into half is my mascot now. It is my own design and creation. Frankly, I really love it. I guess, this big, oval-shape-body with skinny hands and legs egg looks funny to me. Haha.. That's why I like drawing it so much.

As conclusion, I think I am seriously obsess with Curryegg.
Oh my~