17 March 2009

Boring Class Creates More Cartoonists?

Sometimes, people around me perceive that I am such a hardworking student - especially my ex-classmates from secondary school and my course mates (now). Most of them will say things like..

"Wah.. Kelly. Why you never fall asleep one?"
"You look so motivated in class all the time"

"Why you always seemed busy jotting down notes?"

"You're sooooo hardworking"

Well.. well.. well.. I should claim that they are actually not knowing me well enough. If they are willing to spend a little more time on me, digging and exploring my notes from paper to paper, I believe they will change their perception immediately.

I have rarely fallen asleep in any class throughout my whole life no matter how boring the class might be. I just don't like making my teacher, lecturer or speaker to feel unappreciated and disrespected. Thus I don't snooze nor snore.

Wait. Did you ask me how I keep myself awake during in dull-boring-class?

What's the secret?

I guess you just have to keep scrolling down your mouse and continue reading...

1) My work on my notes:

Never judge a book by its cover - remember. Lol..

So yes.
I draw to keep me awake. I did this since I was in primary school or maybe in elementary school? Well, I can't remember the exact time when I first started this activity. As far as I know, I do love to sketch. Besides, sketching and drawing can activate my cognitive system. I always believe that drawing will improve one's memory. It is like turning words into graphic which require lot of mental process.

I remembered once I heard a news in the TV not long ago, stating that teachers should not stop their students from sketching while the teaching process is taking place. The finding has shown that this sketching or drawing activity will actually improve the student's cognitive system (see! see!) which is good.

Further studies should be conducted by me in order to prove it right. Yeah. I want further proof both qualitatively and quantitatively... =P

So anyone of you here do or did this so called 'illegal activity' in class? Any juicy story or finding from you? Haha... I believe I can get quite a number of you here because I do meet with classmates and course mates who are in the same shoes as mine. We sketch during classes (especially boring one!) and this is one of the example:

2) My friend's work:

P/s: Shhhh.... To my dear course mates who read this. I believe you know who this person is. Don't report it or I will die of being tortured by S-Huan.

Of course, her sketches are way better than mine. I just simply love her drawing so so much. So cute, so real. I have a strong feeling that she can be a cartoonist if she develops herself in this field.

Boring class creates more cartoonist?
What do you think?