16 March 2009

Malaysia Won Badminton Swiss Open!


Those were the echoes which I could hear from my room while I was trying to concentrate in my work. Obviously, they were originated from a nearby mamak stall -my dad's favorite after-dinner-spot.

At first, I thought those screaming were for the football match. Well, I didn't care for the football now since Manchester United had lost (4-1). Unexpectedly, it was for the Badminton Swiss Open 2009.


How could my dad never mention anything about the badminton match? I have missed the great games between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan. Lee Chong Wei won!!!!

Ahh... man!

I've missed it.... >.<

Photo Link: Chong Wei & Lin Dan

Anyway, I managed to watch the badminton double match between Malaysia and Denmark. And we won!

Oohh gaga malimali omom chacha kalikali chiak!

Oh my. I am so excited right now.
It is a double happiness for Malaysia, us, me!

Seeing how motivated they were in the match, I should motivate myself as well. Yeah! Go go Curryegg. Another 6 assignments to go!

Allow me to shout these phrases out:

"Malaysia Boleh!!!!"
"Curryegg Boleh!!!!!!!!!!"

Much better... =P