26 March 2009

Free Delivery - Big Apple Donuts

APK project has once again conquered the entire campus today. It was so happening.

I believe most of you are wondering, what does APK stands for? It means Asas Pembudayaan Keusahawanan (Entrepreneurship). It is a compulsory course in every local university in Malaysia which means, no one can escape. The main purpose of this course is to bring out the hidden enterprising skills and talents among the students and expose them into the business world.

Well, I have passed the test and it is great to experience such a wonderful moment. Although my team mates and I had to struggle for the whole semester by planning, preparing and working on our business plan, we have no regrets. We enjoyed having each other as team mates and loved the selling moment. Guess what? We sold 400 set of sandwiches in one day.

Not bad la... The competitions were so high - 200++ stalls.
(Link to the post: Here)

That was like... a year ago.

This time, it is my juniors' turn. They have to go through every moment just like I did. Well, today was their big day (26 March). Of course, I did show my support by ordering a dozen of Big Apple Donuts (I had been voicing my excitement in Plurk and FB since a day before. Lol..) The best thing is, I get free delivery to my faculty. Isn't that great? I could skip away from the scary UV sun rays, sweat and energy.

I should really thanks to my junior, Wayne for delivering my big box of donuts. I knew him ever since we were in secondary school.

So, here is my donuts... ;D
I know, some of my friends in Plurk and FaceBook are craving for this... Sorry that I can't post them to your house, but I can post some photos of these gorgeous donuts here. Haha.. See, how nice of me.. :P

My favourite so far:
1) Chocholic
2) The Alien

3) Mango Tango

4) Chococinno

Oh my. All are chocolate!
Well, I always believe in the power of chocolate in making one happy - that's me!

Guess what?
1 dozen of Big Apple Donuts costs me RM21.
Yeah. 12 pieces of doughnut cost me RM 21, which means RM 1.75 each.

Great deal??