11 March 2009

Grab RM1100 From SurfLoft?!!

What's this about?

I questioned myself when I first saw this website link in my email box, few days ago. Well, in order to satisfy my curiosity (I have this all the time), I clicked the link and started exploring myself about SurfLoft.Com. It didn't take me too long to learn about this website because anyone can immediately get the message about this website from first glance.

SurfLoft.com is simply about technology, gadgets, products and the internet. Seriously, I think the content is useful especially for people like me who is trying to keep up with the trend. Ok la. I confess I am not an updated person and I know little about the IT world. Anyway, that doesn't mean that I can't learn right?

As a blogger, I have the urge to learn anything which can help me to connect with the internet world better. Yes. Anything!

1) If I can get a better internet connection, I may stop subscribing to Streamyx.

(I am thinking of P1 Wimax lately. I shall start surveying the price)

(Photo link)

2) If I know early that Lumix is better than CyberShot, I may go for Lumix.
(Confession: I am still a fans of Cyber-Shot. What to do? Red is too gorgeous!)

3) If I know I can win a prize for N96, I may not buy my current Axus laptop.
(My N-eggie works pretty well so far. Thank Nokia!)

Let's stop bugging myself with all sort of 'if' questions....

If someone can tell me early, I may....
Ok. Stop that curryegg!
This is not healthy.

Discovering SuftLoft.com has opened a new direction for me in learning more about the electronic world. Other than just a website, there is a corner for discussion (forum) in which members can discuss any topic and at the same time making new friends. I guess it is a good place for me to seek opinion and suggestion about gadgets from the expert. Right?

Before signing up as a member, I was attracted with their contest: Win RM1100???

Gosh! Why am I so-so-so late?

Today is the deadline and I don't think I manage to grab anything. Well, it is ok then. I believe there is always 'next time'? Haha..

What are you waiting for?
Visit here and explore yourself. You will find the truth.

P/s: Am I potential enough to be a geek in future? Now, it's your turn to tell the truth... If you are one, tell me. I shall learn from you.. :)