12 March 2009

Stress Egg

==I am under stress right now==

All of the sudden, I realize my breathing becomes inconsistent while my muscles are contracting.
I guess I am nervous with the preparation for the conference - TOMORROW.

The happy news is, I can attend the conference (fees: RM150) with no charge at all and even get free meals. The bad news is, I may have to be the MC of the selected room. Dang.

I never expected to be one as I have no experience at all. Wait. I did become a MC (Master of Ceremony) for my primary school and secondary school. Well, that was like ages agooooooooo...
And this is the international conference which means, there will be presenters and participants from foreign countries.

Ok, girl. Take a deep breath...

Breath in..

Breath out..

Breath in..

Breath out...

"Yes. I can do this. Just be whoever I am and no one is going to eat me if I did any mistake. They can't hurt me neither because I am protected by right. By the way, no one is going to remember you if you speak his/hers name wrongly. Right. Good!"

I feel much better. By the way, I was given a tips from a friend of mine: Think of the penguins? Great. Perhaps, I should think of my curryegg. Better... =P

While I was stress awhile ago, I started to think of this picture which I did last year.

I have the spooky feeling.... uuuuhhhhh~~~~

What a funny one... Great! I can laugh finally.. Lolx..

The clock has struck 12am and it is time for curry bed.
Night night everyone. Wish me luck.. ;)


Oops. Now I realize that I had made a huge mistake. It is chair person not MC.
Thank God. I was doing good and everything was fine. Thanks for the blessing.