25 April 2011

Super Crazy Deal @Cheapskate

Cheapskate.com.my was launched on 22nd April 2011 and they are now ready to give the first awesome deal for 5 hours of Offroad Pitbike Adventure for 3 persons at RM399 (instead of RM750)!





Well, being very frank, I am not a motor biker. The only thing which I know is to sit at the back seat and enjoyed being rode. Oh, by the way.. I am a good cyclist you know. I used to cycle to school, back and forth when I was in secondary school.

So, when I am looking at the first deal, offered by Cheapskate.com.my, I think very hard whether to receive the challenge or not. I’ve come across with this phrase which made me think twice (even thrice)..


“Don’t know how to ride a bike?…fret not. As long as you’re able to handle a bicycle, the friendly blokes at Big Boys are willing to give you a free lesson! Just give them a shout.

So guys, let go of your mommy’s apron strings for once, and embrace your dark side! Ladies, unleash your wild side by straddling this mean machine.”


You see, I don’t like being challenged and was tempted to buy the voucher instantly. In my mind, there is nothing I can’t do, including extreme outdoor activities because I used to be:



1) A 6th place marathon winner at State level (2002)

2) Winner of marathon runner during in secondary school (2003 & 2004)

3) Winner of marathon runner at PLKN Bukit Besar, Kedah (2005)

4) A 18th place marathon winner in UM (2007)

5) Scout – Won for dancing, cooking and marching competition

6) Volley ball state player + UM level

7) What else?



P/s: I’m not a sportsman seriously.


But then… the list above is history. Ya, well I admit that. I am no longer that active and I realized my muscles are softening (lembik). The last extreme activities which I had done was last year, cycling at Bukit Cahaya. Unexpectedly, I fainted half way. I was lucky as Eric was there, saving me from the ‘nightmare’.  You might wanna read about that (here).



Oh, and next is climbing the Broga Hill too. It took me hours to reach the top hill and being very restless after that.



Sigh… I think I am old oledi… =((


No more stamina which I used to have. No more passion for outdoor activities. I think, I have been staying indoor too much.


I wanna bring back the active side of me. Being the not-an-ordinary-eggie, again. It’s time to hatch out from the egg after all the thesis writing. Hmpm!

Well, should I take the challenge and buy the tickets, or leave the great offer to you guys? Time is ticking and I am still thinking.



Left 4 days and 21 hours to think…. em….  Should I give it a try?

19 April 2011

Remember Egg, Remember Curryegg

That motto is a spontaneous one, i swear! *pointing at current blog post title*


It is created within seconds. Lol..

I just couldn’t stop smiling while looking at the photo which was taken last Saturday, before leaving the rented house with Shu Huan.


Both Shu Huan and I have cleared all our stuff and moved out from the house, leaving nothing but eggs. Err… I mean chicken eggs.


Our housemates were not around during the cleaning day. So, I thought of leaving them a note on top of the plastic container and it sounds like this:




I know…

It sounds so wrong. But the motto is still cool.



So, let’s come again,

“Remember Egg, Remember Curryegg



18 April 2011

Be Carefree of Life

During 14th of February 2011, my family and I been to this large temple in jenjarum, Selangor. Like usual, I drew myself a small piece of paper from the box (which you can call prediction) and get 4 sentences of Dharma Words. They sound like this:



1) The unkindness of others is the fertilizer for one’s own growth.

2) Learn to let go of worries in the world

3) Everything is impermanent.

4) Light up the mind to dispel one’s ignorance




1. The unkindness of others is the fertilizer of one’s own growth.

Beautiful words and they are enlightening. I can see that how negative or unfavorable treatments by others have taught me to be a better person. They make me tougher than before. Thank you.





2. Learn to let go of worries in the world.

I don’t know how far I can do this but then, I am currently doing my best in letting go of worries – because I don’t have time to worry! Frankly, I am in the middle of deadline. It’s like whether to vomit out the product (thesis writing) or not graduate on time. I have no choice but to be extremely discipline with myself. Even blogging like now make me feel guilty. Anyway, the main point here is, I want to be tender by not overwhelm myself with too many worries. I believe in God’s plans and I will leave entirely to Him.


3. Everything is impermanent.

And I truly agree with this statement. You cannot step twice into the same river because the river is never the same – Heraclitus. Same meaning. Life is full of mystery and it is not static. People change, event change and the environment change. Even myself is changing – for betterment.




But one thing for sure that I will not change – my cheekiness and craziness personality. And my crave in eating. Nom nom.. lol.


4. Light up the mind to dispel one’s ignorance

This is what I call as ‘true forgiveness’. When you can dispel one’s ignorance, it means you are forgiving them and move on. The mind will not lingering around with others’ wrong or self blaming. This is a beautiful effort I would say and I am letting time to teach me this lesson.


  photoftheday52 Jane and her car


What a good reflecting night. It feels good to at least blog something after pushing the brain working for hours.


Thus, I should be carefree by now. Like shutting off the computer, jump into the bed, covering myself with blanket and hug tightly my dear booster. Then sleep. Can?




10 April 2011

Ice Cream Is Good Therapy

Does anybody ever tell you that ice-cream is a good therapy for the body, mind and soul? Yes it is! It can kick stress away, stop a crying eyes and calming down temper. If you ever notice, an ice-cream can replace a sad face instantly into a cheerful expression.



And from a happy face (like the above) will immediately creates a cheeky face like these:














This expression is what I called – the real happiness of multi-billion dolar Malaysia Ringgit face.


I love ice-cream, forever in love with it. I will be loyal and faithful with my liking. So yes, I love ice-cream. Who wanna join me for ice-cream session?


A random post for Monday.. =P


P/s: All out of sudden, I am thinking of Gelato ice-cream. Ahhhwww… I miss both fruity and milky type of ice-cream from the company. Wanna treat myself a few scoops whenever there is progress with my thesis writing.

05 April 2011

The Soon To Be Born Cheapskate.Com.My!

Frankly, I can be a cheapskate sometimes.

I love offer. I love cheap price. I love good deal. Well, who don’t when you can get such privilege when no one does? Why pay more when you can get something at a cheaper price with same quality and service?

I might sound like a cheapskate (and yes I am) here. But hey! You gotta understand me. I am a student with no income. The only source of income which I can get is from FAMA (Father and Mama). So, why are you showing me disbelief look? =_=

Well, your reaction wouldn’t be able to stop me from falling in love with the upcoming super duper cool website. It’s going to launch soon on this coming 22nd April 2011 and you can get to experience being a FULL-TIME CHEAPSKATE from cheapskate.com.my!!!

Here at Cheapskate, they embrace the attitude of wanting to experience the finer things in life without paying an arm and a leg for it. They provide access to great deals at the most exclusive places to eat, shop, exercise and relax. Think of the crazy discounts which can up to 90% at the mouth-watering restaurant, exclusive boutiques, high class spas and famous gym center.

Oh dear!

I really can’t wait for the launching of Cheapskate.com.my. While waiting the cool site to be born, they are currently running a competition for the most number of referrals for every cheapskate’s subsribers. The winner will win RM5000!!!

Call me CurryEgg!That’s a big amount of money man!

Here are the simple steps to win that big amount of money. You hear it right.
1) Go to Cheapskate.com.my

2) Key in your active email address and click 'submit'.

3) Next, LIKE cheapskate facebook page.

4) You will receive a welcome email from cheapskate.

5) Soon, you will find your referal link. Copy and start spreading the news around.
 6) The easiest way is to post the link into your facebook account and start sharing the news with your close friends. You can even email and tweet the link.. =)

What are you waiting for? Visit the website and submit your email to become a member. The more the merrier. The merrier, the better!