25 April 2011

Super Crazy Deal @Cheapskate

Cheapskate.com.my was launched on 22nd April 2011 and they are now ready to give the first awesome deal for 5 hours of Offroad Pitbike Adventure for 3 persons at RM399 (instead of RM750)!





Well, being very frank, I am not a motor biker. The only thing which I know is to sit at the back seat and enjoyed being rode. Oh, by the way.. I am a good cyclist you know. I used to cycle to school, back and forth when I was in secondary school.

So, when I am looking at the first deal, offered by Cheapskate.com.my, I think very hard whether to receive the challenge or not. I’ve come across with this phrase which made me think twice (even thrice)..


“Don’t know how to ride a bike?…fret not. As long as you’re able to handle a bicycle, the friendly blokes at Big Boys are willing to give you a free lesson! Just give them a shout.

So guys, let go of your mommy’s apron strings for once, and embrace your dark side! Ladies, unleash your wild side by straddling this mean machine.”


You see, I don’t like being challenged and was tempted to buy the voucher instantly. In my mind, there is nothing I can’t do, including extreme outdoor activities because I used to be:



1) A 6th place marathon winner at State level (2002)

2) Winner of marathon runner during in secondary school (2003 & 2004)

3) Winner of marathon runner at PLKN Bukit Besar, Kedah (2005)

4) A 18th place marathon winner in UM (2007)

5) Scout – Won for dancing, cooking and marching competition

6) Volley ball state player + UM level

7) What else?



P/s: I’m not a sportsman seriously.


But then… the list above is history. Ya, well I admit that. I am no longer that active and I realized my muscles are softening (lembik). The last extreme activities which I had done was last year, cycling at Bukit Cahaya. Unexpectedly, I fainted half way. I was lucky as Eric was there, saving me from the ‘nightmare’.  You might wanna read about that (here).



Oh, and next is climbing the Broga Hill too. It took me hours to reach the top hill and being very restless after that.



Sigh… I think I am old oledi… =((


No more stamina which I used to have. No more passion for outdoor activities. I think, I have been staying indoor too much.


I wanna bring back the active side of me. Being the not-an-ordinary-eggie, again. It’s time to hatch out from the egg after all the thesis writing. Hmpm!

Well, should I take the challenge and buy the tickets, or leave the great offer to you guys? Time is ticking and I am still thinking.



Left 4 days and 21 hours to think…. em….  Should I give it a try?