05 April 2011

The Soon To Be Born Cheapskate.Com.My!

Frankly, I can be a cheapskate sometimes.

I love offer. I love cheap price. I love good deal. Well, who don’t when you can get such privilege when no one does? Why pay more when you can get something at a cheaper price with same quality and service?

I might sound like a cheapskate (and yes I am) here. But hey! You gotta understand me. I am a student with no income. The only source of income which I can get is from FAMA (Father and Mama). So, why are you showing me disbelief look? =_=

Well, your reaction wouldn’t be able to stop me from falling in love with the upcoming super duper cool website. It’s going to launch soon on this coming 22nd April 2011 and you can get to experience being a FULL-TIME CHEAPSKATE from cheapskate.com.my!!!

Here at Cheapskate, they embrace the attitude of wanting to experience the finer things in life without paying an arm and a leg for it. They provide access to great deals at the most exclusive places to eat, shop, exercise and relax. Think of the crazy discounts which can up to 90% at the mouth-watering restaurant, exclusive boutiques, high class spas and famous gym center.

Oh dear!

I really can’t wait for the launching of Cheapskate.com.my. While waiting the cool site to be born, they are currently running a competition for the most number of referrals for every cheapskate’s subsribers. The winner will win RM5000!!!

Call me CurryEgg!That’s a big amount of money man!

Here are the simple steps to win that big amount of money. You hear it right.
1) Go to Cheapskate.com.my

2) Key in your active email address and click 'submit'.

3) Next, LIKE cheapskate facebook page.

4) You will receive a welcome email from cheapskate.

5) Soon, you will find your referal link. Copy and start spreading the news around.
 6) The easiest way is to post the link into your facebook account and start sharing the news with your close friends. You can even email and tweet the link.. =)

What are you waiting for? Visit the website and submit your email to become a member. The more the merrier. The merrier, the better!