26 February 2010

Beautiful Music

I just uploaded a video clip which I took during in the Penang Island trip with my friends and cousins. This is one of the performances which I love the most. It was played at Khoo Kongsi (if I am not mistaken). Beautiful music, talented people and wonderful atmosphere.




How I hope if I can be apart of this orchestra, maybe be a member of the woodwind? Or string instrument? Play the violin like Lee Hom! Lol..


Some pictures which I took while waiting for the team to play.




Isn’t this temple gorgeous? I love the lighting and the design. Why I had never realized this building before although I am a Penangite? Oh gosh…


Every camera was welcoming our Yang Amat Berhormat Lim Guan Eng (Chief Minister of the state of Penang).

DSC08998  Couldn’t even catch his shadow.. What a big crowd =(


I shall enjoy the remaining Chinese New Year, which only left 3 days before Chap Goh Mei. You should too by first clicking on the play of this video clip because you will hear Chinese Song! =D



See ya!

25 February 2010

Playing With The ‘Feeling’

I was actually blogging in another unpublished page of the blog post which is regarding to my last Saturday Chinese New Year celebration with a bunch of friends and also my dearest cousins in Penang Island. Like I have told you before in my previous post, it was a fascinating moment between me and the lovely people.


Tons of photos were taken (like usual) and now, I am in trouble of sorting pictures out. I need to spend a great amount of time, browsing, rotating, choose and edit some imperfect pictures (I dislike blurry image, dark and grainy/noise photos when the objects are perfect). Well, I believe this is normally what the todays bloggers will do – busy picking photos. Not to mention with the existent of Facebook in ours lives, everyone is busy uploading the whole album into their own FB account. Can connect with my statement? =)


Seriously, I do find editing pictures is a waste of time when I’m not a professional cum full time photographers, graphic designer nor blogger. There are so many things waiting to be done, especially our real job. Like mine, I am a student and I have uncountable homework, assignment and test which need to be finished. So, when I spend too much time sitting at a corner just to pick and edit photos, guilty feeling start to conquer my mind. If I am unlucky, I will receive warning from the parents.. especially mum… “Hey! Not going to study ar? Still play-play with computer. Later I cut streamyx!” [NO!!!]


Don’t get me wrong. I love editing picture especially when I can put interesting effect into the picture. It is like giving the photo a bigger voice to speak to the audience. I find photo like a piece of art. Thus, I enjoy editing almost every single photo I post here.


Again, time is my limit. So, I guess I will reduce my time in editing photos which means most of my future photos will be naked. No blog link, no brightness and contrast adjustment, no cropping. Well, unless if the photos are nice and worth to be edited! Like the following picture:



The rising sun
age old
yet new and inspiring
lighting up the world
with its soft pink rays;
just watching the familiar hues
dance on the still water
I return to emotions
that never truly left.
Just as the sun sets
it rises again
wide arms embracing a new day.
- Li Steins –



Mac, my cousin took this picture while we were walking around the area (not sure with the exact name of the event. Should find out). Kudos to his skill and my spontaneous act of course.. wte. Dunno how I did this and I am not sure how it looks to you but I really love this picture. THANK YOU MAC! =D



The cousins <3


In case if you are asking where is this place and how does this place look like since it look so much like a cage.. or a gate door or a filthy place to you. Here is the answer to feed all your curiosity.




I was actually interested in snapping this little boy picture. He seemed fearless climbing the gate in front of the crowds. So, I thought of give a few shoots for this particular moment as a memory. However, he noticed it and climbed down before my camera managed to make another shoot. Urghh…




And I am the one who get another shoot instead of this little boy. Lol..





Believe it or not, this is how the place look like from another perspective. Isn't it surprising? No one will realize this amazing background if you don’t discover yourself. Again, well done Mac.


I shall get a good sleep and continue my half-written post. Not going to promise anything but will see how it goes tomorrow morning. Wait! In fact, it is this morning! It is already 3.15am!!! Ah man….


P/s: Thus, start appreciating every picture I’ve posted and going to post here ok? Show your appreciation by visit my blog more! That will do. Thankzz =D

22 February 2010

Can't I Be Happy Too?

The staff who served me was throwing me a surprising look.

My cousins were laughing at me when I reached the table.

Friends were showing me disbelief look.


Can’t I have a Happy Meal?

Is it wrong for a 23-year-old girl to purchase a chicken burger, a mini size French fried and a cup of cold Ribenna drink which were all placed in a colourful box?

And do I totally look like weirdo when I am playing with the batman?

I believe I am leaving in a democratic world and I am free do choose ‘MY WAY’.

Ok. Fine. Next mission: Chicky Meal.

20 February 2010

When The House Is Crowded

When  the house is crowded especially with relatives, what will you do?


Welcome them in?

Chase them away? (please, don’t do this k? This is rude)

Force them to give extra ang pau?

Give them food and drink?

Chit chatting with your relatives all day long?

Stop them from going back?



My answer is…. none of the above.


In fact, I choose to have a long hour of photography moment with my relatives. Surprise! Surprise! It is really surprising to tell you that this is my first time snapping pictures of my relatives during the 2nd day of Chinese New Year because I realized most of the time… I am too shy.. =P




Yes.. I can be a very lazy shy person, sometimes. Well, there is no reason or explanation for this. I am just… shy.. lol..



I believe it is the ‘TIGER’ which gives me the strength to turn laziness shyness into braveness as this time, I have snapped quite a good collection of photos and unconsciously, all these photos used much of my hardisk free spaces. Gosh! I desperately need a new hardisk for myself!




2nd Day of Chinese New Year is one of the most happening days in my family. This is the time where all the relatives from my mother’s family tree will come over and gather as a big family. Enough food, drink and entertainment are served each year. Trust me, none of the visitor will go back with empty stomach because grandma and aunt really prepare a lot of food ever since I remember.


It is like a culture in the family in which a big gathering will take place at my grandma’s house. So, this is a great time to update gossip, each others progress, bonding, collecting ang pau and gambling playing poker cards.

People whom are caught in action! =P



The Kai Mui with ‘pork ball’


The niece with orange plastic bowl


The daddy who is drooling for laksa


The cousin who didn’t make laksa for me.. =_=


The cousin with coins.. =P


As for me, I love this time so much, as much as my birthday because I can meet all my relatives, especially my dear cousins. For your information, we have quite a strong bonds just like siblings. This is the part I love most – siblings. I guess you know why I am bolding the word, yes?



#Leng lui 1 – Alicearycurry#Leng Lui 2 - Ary


Besides, this is also the time I can fill my stomach as full as I can. I am not a type of person who will tight up the stomach and leave good food aside. No no no.. That will be so not me. Each year, I will never miss steamboat, laksa, ‘tong sui’ and drinks – except, if I am sick (I have experienced this before and it was really suffering by looking at others enjoying the food while me sitting at a corner. That is when I swear, I will look after my health and try my best not to get sick during CNY).



The no-soup laksa noodle. Suitable for kids. Lol


Well, everything was great during the past few days (15th February 2010). However, like I have expected, there was still a tiny little incident which ruined 1 part of my happy moment. I thought of sharing the ‘incident’ here but I have guilt. I don’t think this is a good time to share something sensitive, something heart-broken for mine part as it is still Chinese New Year.


So, I will just postpone the post which I have written and publish it when the time is right… or maybe I will just delete the post. Well, I don’t know. We will see how.


My favarite home-made Ah Kim’s Laksa. No one will miss her laksa, not even me. I will not stop without having at least 3 bowls of these spicy noodles.. *Slurrrppp…*



tiger10  Half-eaten. You see, I couldn’t even manage to snap a proper bowl of laksa because the aroma and appearance is too tempting.. And now I can’t blog properly…



I guess I should stop here or I will suffer from recalling the taste of the laksa soup. Oh my.. Oh my… Think something else.. Oh ya. I will go to Penang Island tomorrow with my cousin. Hopefully I will come back with more interesting photos. I know you want to see them, right? hehe..


There are more Happy Posts coming to Curryegg. So stay tune! =D


Again, Gong Hei Gong Hei! May you have a blessing year.. Roarrrrrwwww!!!

14 February 2010



First of all, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all my readers. May you have a wonderful year ahead. Well, it doesn’t matter even if you are not a Chinese. As long as you can feel the connectedness and the excitement as much as we (the Chinese from all around the world) do, you are welcome to be apart of us. After all, we don’t monopolize everything, right?


Sharing is caring.. =)


If you are following my twitter, you might realize that I am already in my Chinese New Year mood since yesterday, after my 12pm class. Frankly, it was a pain waiting for the time to pass because I didn’t concentrate much pun during in the class. My mind was all over for balik-kampung mood. I just can’t wait to go back and pack my stuff (emm.. I have this bad habit like I have told you before – last minute bag packer).




Anyway, everything is good and I am now sitting at the 2nd floor of this soon-to-be-sold bungalow of my uncle, facing the laptop and squeezing all my thoughts and turn them into words into this post. I just don’t wanna loss any of my nostalgic moment while I am still at this house.




My uncle is going to sell this house soon, very soon. Seriously, I love this house so much. It stores all my memories with the extended family, including grandma, aunts, uncles and my cousins. This house unites all the Egg family member ever since years ago.




I love the environment, I like the space and design. Of course, what I treasure most is the memory I have with my grandma (who has passed away 1 year ++), my parents, my aunt, uncle and Kevin (I did blog about him like, a lot).



See, my dad also agrees with me.


I guess Aunt Foong, Kevin and I have this strong artistic side in which we can connect with each other pretty well. I really love spending time with them, chit chatting, gossiping (which celebrity has done the nose job), sharing, art  making, story telling, tarot card reading and etc. Well, all I can say is.. we are just like – friends.




It is hard for an Asian adult to be like a friend to someone who is younger because it is ‘not right’ according to the Chinese culture. However, aunt Foong doesn’t care and she can be like a real friend to me, even to her own son – WHICH IS AWESOME!!!


That’s why, she is rock! =)


I really hope they can come back soon. Really miss them a lot. Once this house is sold, there will be no chance being able to be sit here again, enjoying the breeze air and watching the neighbor cleaning his ‘garden’ (which is like a forest to me). Not being able to see another male neighbor being scolded by his wife. lol..



We will celebrate the coming Chinese New Year at grandparent’s old house. Guess what, most of my childhood memory can be found here! =P






No matter how, I will reserve a place in my brain to store all these memories and retrieve them whenever I want – like a dvd player. Awesome right? lol..




This year, another quite Chinese New Year for the 4 of us. Although just the 4 of us, we still enjoyed celebrating this meaningful day together. This is what I call – F.A.M.I.L.Y.




P/s: Happy Tiger Year to Kevin and Aunt Foong . I guess Kevin will read this post. Hope that you love and enjoy looking at the photos and video clip which I have uploaded in FB. Miss us in Malaysia! =)

P/p/s: Journey to the North will begin tomorrow. Need a good sleep. Good night =)

12 February 2010

Gift For Valentine

Sorry guys for breaking my promise. I didn’t manage to blog about the YKN in these few days as I am really busy – assignment, project, bag packing (balik kampung!) and love stuff.


Love stuff? o_O


I will blog about YKN, no worries but not now. I will postpone the post with something similarly interesting! Well, there is one thing I really wanna share with you. I have done an artwork which I am pretty much impressed with my work. Deep satisfaction haunts me right after my work was framed.







I feel like not wanting to give this away, as a Valentine gift. However… I should and must. Or else, what should I give then to Mr Eric? Right? =)


valentine2 copy


If you are curious with where did I get this frame, well, you are asking the right question at this very right place because Ms Curryegg is going to reveal the ‘secret’ (eleh, not a secret pun). I get it from Ikea and the price is pretty reasonable.



Everything begins with raw materials, just like human right? (Well, you will understand if you get what i mean..) =)


If you are still stretching your head, wondering on what to give to your love one. Don’t worry, rush to Ikea or any gift shop to get a frame. Bring out the little ‘Da Vinci’ in you and start drawing on a piece of paper. If you are not too convinence with this drawing idea, no worries, you can write poem like William Shakespears ( or just get it from website) or simply print out photo/photos. You will be amaze with the result because it’s your artwork.




Trust me, your another half will feel your love =)


Good luck!


P/s: If I sell this artwork, will you buy? How much will you pay?

P/p/s: By the way, I have cut my hair even shorter. A good start for the Tiger year.. =)

07 February 2010

I Have Decided

I have decided.

I will not stop blogging. In fact, I will even push myself to blog more.


You might be wondering, how I come into this decision after the surprising news (or maybe shocking to some of you) which is to continue my blogging adventure?



You wanna know why?



Are you sure?

Are you sure?

Are you sure?




Well ok then, your persistency in curiosity win over for an explanation from me. In fact, I call this as sharing, not like I am explaining or reporting to a boss. Sensitive, you know? lol..



I have tried to pull myself back, not wanting to blog anything as long as it takes. But guess what? I feel meaningless in the past 2 days. I feel like, I am losing something which I love but I was being held back. This feeling is completely different comparing to the time when I was having my vacation. Because, during vacation, I am treasuring my hope to get as much information, photos and experiences as possible and blog them immediately once I reach home.


I don’t know why I am so enthusiastic to do so. Well, I guess it is mainly because of you my dear readers who are waiting eagerly for my news (although not a big number, still I am excited to do so). Being in this blogging world has intrigued me to capture every of my meaningful moment as much as possible and turn them into words and photographs. It has been almost 3 years now and still I love doing so.


Well, I am not doing this for others. I am doing this for myself, my family, my love one and my friends. If you read I hold existential post, you might remember that I’m a strong holder of Existential philosophy. I believe in spiritual thinking (this has nothing to do with any specific religion belief) as in why human is here, living in this Earth.


I tend to think beyond life and beyond death.



I am always thirst of finding the answer behind these ‘phenomenal’ – life and death. Deep inside me, I believe that if one has been given a chance to live in this beautiful world, named Earth, there must be reasons behind it. It is either to allow us to learn the meaning of life, to continue the human generation, to help others, to fight for the nation or any other reasons that is true to you.


Same thinking go to death. Why someone we love so much die at those particular moment? Why not earlier or why not later? Why did he die in such a place?



Have you ever wonder, why Terry Fox managed to face the challenge of death when he knew that he encountered cancer at the knee, osteosarcoma (since 1977 and he died on 1981)? Why he didn’t give up or surrender himself to God, to take his life any minutes or nano seconds? Why did he work so hard for the Marathon of Hope?


How Terry Fox appeal for his goal – The Marathon of Hope. This is something really touching and inspiring which I get from wikipedia. Thank you for this beautiful piece of writing from Fox:



My name is Terry Fox. I am 21 years old, and I am an amputee. I lost my right leg two-and-a-half years ago due to cancer. The night before my amputation, my former basketball coach brought me a magazine with an article on an amputee who ran in the New York Marathon. It was then when I decided to meet this new challenge head on and not only overcome my disability, but conquer it in such a way that I could never look back and say it disabled me. But I soon realized that would only be half of my quest, for as I went through the sixteen months of the physically and emotionally draining ordeal of chemotheraphy, I was rudely awakened by the feelings that surrounded and coursed through the cancer clinic. There were the faces with the brave smiles, and the ones who had given up smiling. There were the feelings of hopeful denial, and the feelings of despair. My quest would not be a selfish one. I could not leave knowing these faces and feelings would still exist, even though I would be set free from mine. Somewhere the hurting must stop...and I was determined to take myself to the limit for this cause.


I feel now is the time to make good my promise. I have been training for eight months, running on an artificial leg. Starting with half a mile, I have now worked up to thirteen-and-a-half a day, adding half a mile weekly. By April next year [1980], I will be ready to achieve something that for me was once only a distant dream reserved for the world of miracles; to run across Canada to raise money for the fight against cancer. The running I can do, even if I have to crawl every last mile. But there are some barriers I cannot overcome alone. We need your help. The people in cancer clinics all over the world need people who believe in miracles. I am not a dreamer and I'm not saying that this will initiate any kind of definitive answer or cure to cancer, but I believe in miracles. I have to.


P/s: If he can do it, why not us?


Seriously, I really impressed with such people who are empowered with positive energy who dare to face death and at the same time, able to enlighten and motivate others to carry on with their life because they believe that each day can bring a different to everyone’s life. Such people  never waste any second of their life, just like Dr Randy Pausch.



So, why am I talking about all these, about Life, death and people? Because I realize that life is short and I may die any time from now. Maybe I might struck by high electrical devices while blogging about this, or earthquake hitting my place or this or so on and forth.


Or maybe, I might face Amnesia or Parkinson disease when I am aging. Hey, no one knows k? Not that I am cursing myself but this is a realistic world. Anything can happen to anyone of us, don’t you agree?


Thus, I realize that blogging can actually help me to share whatever I want, whatever I find it helpful for others in coping with their daily life – whether to share something entertaining, something touching or something informative. Also, I wish to keep a record for myself and my family (my parents, my future husband and children) so that if I am no longer living in this world, they still have a channel to ‘find me’. Or, if I encounter long-term memory lost, I still can find the ‘before me’.


I guess I have put too much thinking in this. Too much reflection about life. Gosh! I feel like I have orbited the whole Earth while sitting here, typing about what I feel and think. Still, this is something good to be shared right? Say yes, say yes or else, I don’t want to right jor… =)


In conclusion, I will continue writing and thank you to all of you have left me such a meaningful opinions and sharing. I really appreciate every words that you have contributed into my life.



Theme: Hope


I realize that career is like a peanut comparing to the real goal I wanna achieve in my life. Career is my something but my life is my everything. Thus, I don’t want to be restricted by my career if I wanna live my life to the fullest. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I will ruin my future. Instead, I will be wiser in dealing with the future conflict which I might face – as I have found a way.. =)


So, don’t worry. This blog will not be closed. I will not stop blogging. Good news? =)




Do wait for my next following post. This time, it is about YKN.

05 February 2010

Stop blogging? Should I?

I feel like stop blogging and closing this blog.


Don’t worry. This is not an April Fool post because obviously, it is not April yet. So, this post will not end will a ‘GOTCHA’ or ‘CHEAT YA’.


It is neither because of I am tired of blogging and thus, wanting to stop nor being sued by a big company for posting something sensitive (like Raja Petra). None of them make sense to me because firstly, I love writing. Although I am not a professional writer, I still have great passion in writing.




I know, sometimes, my writing might sound ‘ordinary’ to you or you hardly value my writing because I rarely use bombastic words like J.K Rowling or my stories isn’t as hillarious as Sophille. Well, it doesn’t matter right when you are given a free space to write whatever you want from your personal experiences, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and sociologically. Whatever the reason is, it still doesn’t matter because this is your own space; my space.


Now… the point of being sued. The possibility for this to happen in this curryegg’s blog is even hard, as hard as digging gold. Well, this is a personal blog and most of the idea is based on my personal experiences or stories. So, it is rather hard for me to step on other tails – EXCEPT: if this happens, I can assure you that it might be a big, BIG ISSUE.. Besides, I am sensitive to the law (and I am still learning) and I don’t want to get into trouble for some silly mistakes that I make.


Since it is not because of A & B, why I still have this idea to stop myself from blogging?


Seriously, I really don’t know should I…. stop? This idea has been knocking my door in my right brain for days.


One of the main reasons is because of…. my future career. You see, I want to be a registered counselor in future and I have been writing about my dreams very often since the day I stepped into this counseling and psychology fields. Of course, I can blog too even if I am a counselor now because everyone own the ‘freedom of speech’ right. No doubts.


Lately, I realized that exposing myself too much to the public in the blogosphere might not help me in my counseling because my potential clients will know a lot about me – everything in my life via my writing and photos. I am imagining that my clients who are coming to my counseling firm might have these so-called ‘curiosity:


Dialogue from the potential clients who know CurryEgg:


  1. Hi Dr Kelly, I know that you are the only child. So, how do you bear with family pressure?
  2. Kelly, are you sure that someone compare you with Megan Fox? He is such a nut because you are way better than the fox..
  3. Actually, the reason why I am coming to this session is to see whether did you photoshop your photos?
  4. Aren’t you saying that you are using Existential Theory? Why are you asking about my past? No Freud please.
  5. Dr Egg, your writing is awesome! Can you please continue blogging because I am losing my weekly dose and this is my issue.
  6. Kelly, you like cam-whoring a lot hor?
  7. You didn’t wear contact lenses? Why with the no specs photos?
  8. My last question, why CurryEgg?


Well, I still can’t imagine the worst situation that I might face in the future because… I haven’t met any yet at this moment. However, hearing the word ‘curryegg’ from my client during counseling session has made me think hard. Imagine my client accidentally or intentionally  addressing me as Dr. Curry or Ms Eggie.. =_=



 “Kelly, you like cam-whoring a lot hor?”, asked by a sacastic client.


What if my blog is slowly growing and earning a wider readership over the years? Let say, when I am ready to work in the near future, I might bump into my loyal readers who come for counseling. Will it be a awkward? Will there be any problem or issue for me?


Because, before I manage to understand my client in the very first session, my client already know who I am. Is it something positive?


The only positive thing that I can think is…. I might be able to create a trusting bond between me and my client easily because client know who I am. It is just that, I feel a bit spooky that the client know more about me than I know more about him/her.


Well, will this be a good sign? Or bad one? (as for me, it’s like asking to wear specs or contact lenses)



Btw, I wear specs.


Emmmmmmmmmm…. I am still thinking. Deep consideration. If the cons beat the pros, I might consider to stop blogging or shutting down this blog. Then, continue with my old-traditional personal diary.


I don’t know. Not till when I am given another few days to think about this. If you have any suggestion, opinion, sharing or critics, you are welcome to leave them in this comment box. Thank you.

03 February 2010

New Era Orange?

I remembered my mum used to teach me that orange is in round shape. Even my dad and elementary teachers said the same thing too.


However, today I don’t get it. I doubt their statements are no longer correct. What happen to this orange? It’s obviously longer. It’s like an oval shape to me. The new era orange?





I named this as the:


Orange Egg!!!