25 February 2010

Playing With The ‘Feeling’

I was actually blogging in another unpublished page of the blog post which is regarding to my last Saturday Chinese New Year celebration with a bunch of friends and also my dearest cousins in Penang Island. Like I have told you before in my previous post, it was a fascinating moment between me and the lovely people.


Tons of photos were taken (like usual) and now, I am in trouble of sorting pictures out. I need to spend a great amount of time, browsing, rotating, choose and edit some imperfect pictures (I dislike blurry image, dark and grainy/noise photos when the objects are perfect). Well, I believe this is normally what the todays bloggers will do – busy picking photos. Not to mention with the existent of Facebook in ours lives, everyone is busy uploading the whole album into their own FB account. Can connect with my statement? =)


Seriously, I do find editing pictures is a waste of time when I’m not a professional cum full time photographers, graphic designer nor blogger. There are so many things waiting to be done, especially our real job. Like mine, I am a student and I have uncountable homework, assignment and test which need to be finished. So, when I spend too much time sitting at a corner just to pick and edit photos, guilty feeling start to conquer my mind. If I am unlucky, I will receive warning from the parents.. especially mum… “Hey! Not going to study ar? Still play-play with computer. Later I cut streamyx!” [NO!!!]


Don’t get me wrong. I love editing picture especially when I can put interesting effect into the picture. It is like giving the photo a bigger voice to speak to the audience. I find photo like a piece of art. Thus, I enjoy editing almost every single photo I post here.


Again, time is my limit. So, I guess I will reduce my time in editing photos which means most of my future photos will be naked. No blog link, no brightness and contrast adjustment, no cropping. Well, unless if the photos are nice and worth to be edited! Like the following picture:



The rising sun
age old
yet new and inspiring
lighting up the world
with its soft pink rays;
just watching the familiar hues
dance on the still water
I return to emotions
that never truly left.
Just as the sun sets
it rises again
wide arms embracing a new day.
- Li Steins –



Mac, my cousin took this picture while we were walking around the area (not sure with the exact name of the event. Should find out). Kudos to his skill and my spontaneous act of course.. wte. Dunno how I did this and I am not sure how it looks to you but I really love this picture. THANK YOU MAC! =D



The cousins <3


In case if you are asking where is this place and how does this place look like since it look so much like a cage.. or a gate door or a filthy place to you. Here is the answer to feed all your curiosity.




I was actually interested in snapping this little boy picture. He seemed fearless climbing the gate in front of the crowds. So, I thought of give a few shoots for this particular moment as a memory. However, he noticed it and climbed down before my camera managed to make another shoot. Urghh…




And I am the one who get another shoot instead of this little boy. Lol..





Believe it or not, this is how the place look like from another perspective. Isn't it surprising? No one will realize this amazing background if you don’t discover yourself. Again, well done Mac.


I shall get a good sleep and continue my half-written post. Not going to promise anything but will see how it goes tomorrow morning. Wait! In fact, it is this morning! It is already 3.15am!!! Ah man….


P/s: Thus, start appreciating every picture I’ve posted and going to post here ok? Show your appreciation by visit my blog more! That will do. Thankzz =D