05 February 2010

Stop blogging? Should I?

I feel like stop blogging and closing this blog.


Don’t worry. This is not an April Fool post because obviously, it is not April yet. So, this post will not end will a ‘GOTCHA’ or ‘CHEAT YA’.


It is neither because of I am tired of blogging and thus, wanting to stop nor being sued by a big company for posting something sensitive (like Raja Petra). None of them make sense to me because firstly, I love writing. Although I am not a professional writer, I still have great passion in writing.




I know, sometimes, my writing might sound ‘ordinary’ to you or you hardly value my writing because I rarely use bombastic words like J.K Rowling or my stories isn’t as hillarious as Sophille. Well, it doesn’t matter right when you are given a free space to write whatever you want from your personal experiences, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and sociologically. Whatever the reason is, it still doesn’t matter because this is your own space; my space.


Now… the point of being sued. The possibility for this to happen in this curryegg’s blog is even hard, as hard as digging gold. Well, this is a personal blog and most of the idea is based on my personal experiences or stories. So, it is rather hard for me to step on other tails – EXCEPT: if this happens, I can assure you that it might be a big, BIG ISSUE.. Besides, I am sensitive to the law (and I am still learning) and I don’t want to get into trouble for some silly mistakes that I make.


Since it is not because of A & B, why I still have this idea to stop myself from blogging?


Seriously, I really don’t know should I…. stop? This idea has been knocking my door in my right brain for days.


One of the main reasons is because of…. my future career. You see, I want to be a registered counselor in future and I have been writing about my dreams very often since the day I stepped into this counseling and psychology fields. Of course, I can blog too even if I am a counselor now because everyone own the ‘freedom of speech’ right. No doubts.


Lately, I realized that exposing myself too much to the public in the blogosphere might not help me in my counseling because my potential clients will know a lot about me – everything in my life via my writing and photos. I am imagining that my clients who are coming to my counseling firm might have these so-called ‘curiosity:


Dialogue from the potential clients who know CurryEgg:


  1. Hi Dr Kelly, I know that you are the only child. So, how do you bear with family pressure?
  2. Kelly, are you sure that someone compare you with Megan Fox? He is such a nut because you are way better than the fox..
  3. Actually, the reason why I am coming to this session is to see whether did you photoshop your photos?
  4. Aren’t you saying that you are using Existential Theory? Why are you asking about my past? No Freud please.
  5. Dr Egg, your writing is awesome! Can you please continue blogging because I am losing my weekly dose and this is my issue.
  6. Kelly, you like cam-whoring a lot hor?
  7. You didn’t wear contact lenses? Why with the no specs photos?
  8. My last question, why CurryEgg?


Well, I still can’t imagine the worst situation that I might face in the future because… I haven’t met any yet at this moment. However, hearing the word ‘curryegg’ from my client during counseling session has made me think hard. Imagine my client accidentally or intentionally  addressing me as Dr. Curry or Ms Eggie.. =_=



 “Kelly, you like cam-whoring a lot hor?”, asked by a sacastic client.


What if my blog is slowly growing and earning a wider readership over the years? Let say, when I am ready to work in the near future, I might bump into my loyal readers who come for counseling. Will it be a awkward? Will there be any problem or issue for me?


Because, before I manage to understand my client in the very first session, my client already know who I am. Is it something positive?


The only positive thing that I can think is…. I might be able to create a trusting bond between me and my client easily because client know who I am. It is just that, I feel a bit spooky that the client know more about me than I know more about him/her.


Well, will this be a good sign? Or bad one? (as for me, it’s like asking to wear specs or contact lenses)



Btw, I wear specs.


Emmmmmmmmmm…. I am still thinking. Deep consideration. If the cons beat the pros, I might consider to stop blogging or shutting down this blog. Then, continue with my old-traditional personal diary.


I don’t know. Not till when I am given another few days to think about this. If you have any suggestion, opinion, sharing or critics, you are welcome to leave them in this comment box. Thank you.