14 February 2010



First of all, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all my readers. May you have a wonderful year ahead. Well, it doesn’t matter even if you are not a Chinese. As long as you can feel the connectedness and the excitement as much as we (the Chinese from all around the world) do, you are welcome to be apart of us. After all, we don’t monopolize everything, right?


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If you are following my twitter, you might realize that I am already in my Chinese New Year mood since yesterday, after my 12pm class. Frankly, it was a pain waiting for the time to pass because I didn’t concentrate much pun during in the class. My mind was all over for balik-kampung mood. I just can’t wait to go back and pack my stuff (emm.. I have this bad habit like I have told you before – last minute bag packer).




Anyway, everything is good and I am now sitting at the 2nd floor of this soon-to-be-sold bungalow of my uncle, facing the laptop and squeezing all my thoughts and turn them into words into this post. I just don’t wanna loss any of my nostalgic moment while I am still at this house.




My uncle is going to sell this house soon, very soon. Seriously, I love this house so much. It stores all my memories with the extended family, including grandma, aunts, uncles and my cousins. This house unites all the Egg family member ever since years ago.




I love the environment, I like the space and design. Of course, what I treasure most is the memory I have with my grandma (who has passed away 1 year ++), my parents, my aunt, uncle and Kevin (I did blog about him like, a lot).



See, my dad also agrees with me.


I guess Aunt Foong, Kevin and I have this strong artistic side in which we can connect with each other pretty well. I really love spending time with them, chit chatting, gossiping (which celebrity has done the nose job), sharing, art  making, story telling, tarot card reading and etc. Well, all I can say is.. we are just like – friends.




It is hard for an Asian adult to be like a friend to someone who is younger because it is ‘not right’ according to the Chinese culture. However, aunt Foong doesn’t care and she can be like a real friend to me, even to her own son – WHICH IS AWESOME!!!


That’s why, she is rock! =)


I really hope they can come back soon. Really miss them a lot. Once this house is sold, there will be no chance being able to be sit here again, enjoying the breeze air and watching the neighbor cleaning his ‘garden’ (which is like a forest to me). Not being able to see another male neighbor being scolded by his wife. lol..



We will celebrate the coming Chinese New Year at grandparent’s old house. Guess what, most of my childhood memory can be found here! =P






No matter how, I will reserve a place in my brain to store all these memories and retrieve them whenever I want – like a dvd player. Awesome right? lol..




This year, another quite Chinese New Year for the 4 of us. Although just the 4 of us, we still enjoyed celebrating this meaningful day together. This is what I call – F.A.M.I.L.Y.




P/s: Happy Tiger Year to Kevin and Aunt Foong . I guess Kevin will read this post. Hope that you love and enjoy looking at the photos and video clip which I have uploaded in FB. Miss us in Malaysia! =)

P/p/s: Journey to the North will begin tomorrow. Need a good sleep. Good night =)