20 February 2010

When The House Is Crowded

When  the house is crowded especially with relatives, what will you do?


Welcome them in?

Chase them away? (please, don’t do this k? This is rude)

Force them to give extra ang pau?

Give them food and drink?

Chit chatting with your relatives all day long?

Stop them from going back?



My answer is…. none of the above.


In fact, I choose to have a long hour of photography moment with my relatives. Surprise! Surprise! It is really surprising to tell you that this is my first time snapping pictures of my relatives during the 2nd day of Chinese New Year because I realized most of the time… I am too shy.. =P




Yes.. I can be a very lazy shy person, sometimes. Well, there is no reason or explanation for this. I am just… shy.. lol..



I believe it is the ‘TIGER’ which gives me the strength to turn laziness shyness into braveness as this time, I have snapped quite a good collection of photos and unconsciously, all these photos used much of my hardisk free spaces. Gosh! I desperately need a new hardisk for myself!




2nd Day of Chinese New Year is one of the most happening days in my family. This is the time where all the relatives from my mother’s family tree will come over and gather as a big family. Enough food, drink and entertainment are served each year. Trust me, none of the visitor will go back with empty stomach because grandma and aunt really prepare a lot of food ever since I remember.


It is like a culture in the family in which a big gathering will take place at my grandma’s house. So, this is a great time to update gossip, each others progress, bonding, collecting ang pau and gambling playing poker cards.

People whom are caught in action! =P



The Kai Mui with ‘pork ball’


The niece with orange plastic bowl


The daddy who is drooling for laksa


The cousin who didn’t make laksa for me.. =_=


The cousin with coins.. =P


As for me, I love this time so much, as much as my birthday because I can meet all my relatives, especially my dear cousins. For your information, we have quite a strong bonds just like siblings. This is the part I love most – siblings. I guess you know why I am bolding the word, yes?



#Leng lui 1 – Alicearycurry#Leng Lui 2 - Ary


Besides, this is also the time I can fill my stomach as full as I can. I am not a type of person who will tight up the stomach and leave good food aside. No no no.. That will be so not me. Each year, I will never miss steamboat, laksa, ‘tong sui’ and drinks – except, if I am sick (I have experienced this before and it was really suffering by looking at others enjoying the food while me sitting at a corner. That is when I swear, I will look after my health and try my best not to get sick during CNY).



The no-soup laksa noodle. Suitable for kids. Lol


Well, everything was great during the past few days (15th February 2010). However, like I have expected, there was still a tiny little incident which ruined 1 part of my happy moment. I thought of sharing the ‘incident’ here but I have guilt. I don’t think this is a good time to share something sensitive, something heart-broken for mine part as it is still Chinese New Year.


So, I will just postpone the post which I have written and publish it when the time is right… or maybe I will just delete the post. Well, I don’t know. We will see how.


My favarite home-made Ah Kim’s Laksa. No one will miss her laksa, not even me. I will not stop without having at least 3 bowls of these spicy noodles.. *Slurrrppp…*



tiger10  Half-eaten. You see, I couldn’t even manage to snap a proper bowl of laksa because the aroma and appearance is too tempting.. And now I can’t blog properly…



I guess I should stop here or I will suffer from recalling the taste of the laksa soup. Oh my.. Oh my… Think something else.. Oh ya. I will go to Penang Island tomorrow with my cousin. Hopefully I will come back with more interesting photos. I know you want to see them, right? hehe..


There are more Happy Posts coming to Curryegg. So stay tune! =D


Again, Gong Hei Gong Hei! May you have a blessing year.. Roarrrrrwwww!!!