12 February 2010

Gift For Valentine

Sorry guys for breaking my promise. I didn’t manage to blog about the YKN in these few days as I am really busy – assignment, project, bag packing (balik kampung!) and love stuff.


Love stuff? o_O


I will blog about YKN, no worries but not now. I will postpone the post with something similarly interesting! Well, there is one thing I really wanna share with you. I have done an artwork which I am pretty much impressed with my work. Deep satisfaction haunts me right after my work was framed.







I feel like not wanting to give this away, as a Valentine gift. However… I should and must. Or else, what should I give then to Mr Eric? Right? =)


valentine2 copy


If you are curious with where did I get this frame, well, you are asking the right question at this very right place because Ms Curryegg is going to reveal the ‘secret’ (eleh, not a secret pun). I get it from Ikea and the price is pretty reasonable.



Everything begins with raw materials, just like human right? (Well, you will understand if you get what i mean..) =)


If you are still stretching your head, wondering on what to give to your love one. Don’t worry, rush to Ikea or any gift shop to get a frame. Bring out the little ‘Da Vinci’ in you and start drawing on a piece of paper. If you are not too convinence with this drawing idea, no worries, you can write poem like William Shakespears ( or just get it from website) or simply print out photo/photos. You will be amaze with the result because it’s your artwork.




Trust me, your another half will feel your love =)


Good luck!


P/s: If I sell this artwork, will you buy? How much will you pay?

P/p/s: By the way, I have cut my hair even shorter. A good start for the Tiger year.. =)