07 September 2010

Photography Of The Day


There is a new term again created by me and this time, it is called photography of the day (after photo of the day which I still think it is a cool idea).


I have snapped a few good shoots today while on the way to Popular BookFest 2010 with Mrs Jo and May. It was again a great time-together-moment.


While on the way to the fest, I managed to capture a few photos in the LRT (which is my new hobby now).




I personally think that my portrait photography skill is slowly improving and I wish to share with guys here. I guess, my excitement is too overwhelming when I am supposed to sleep (since it is 12.30am) nao.. like nao…



Because of the excitement, I’ve postponed my birthday post again. So, I’m sorry to let you down (if I did..) =((


Talking about Popular Bookfest, I have bought myself a list of good books with awesome bargain. So, if you are a Malaysian and will be around in KL area within this week, do drop by as you will get something useful for yourself. Trust me, you will.





I’m looking forward for tomorrow’s activities with my buddy. Can’t wait to wake up in the morning =D


Wish you have a great week!