03 February 2009

Silence Room

Sitting in front of the classroom with my lappy on the table, I felt so bored. Although I managed to access to the provided internet, nothing can be done much as the line is so slow. The speed of the loading page in Facebook, MSN, Bloggerunited, Plurk and even Blogger is so slow and I have no patience in waiting. Just half an hour ago, I was uploading my photos on my 'interesting trip' (I know Caffery and Andrew are waiting for it) but failed, miserably.

In order not to waste my time, I decided to upload them after class.

Being alone, in a corner, my mind is actively processing on both new and old data. I have been thinking a lot about my past and at the same time my future, I mean right at this exact spot which I am sitting now. Most people believe that, thinking of the past will only stop oneself from developing while putting mind in the future is called day-dreaming.

In my case, I will name the above statement as fallacy. No one can prove that recalling the past will stop oneself from improving while being few steps ahead from the presence worth nothing. Instead, I can develop pretty well as I can see both my weakness and strength from the past and empower them for my presence and future.

That is what I call strategy of self improvement. At the same time, I start to understand why we are forced to learn history in high school. There are always reasons behind an incident. I guess I am right.

This silence room has allowed me to develop my critical and creative thinking. I love silence room (but not for too long! I will die of boredom!)

Some of my photos which I had taken awhile ago in this room.

My new nail colour! Hahaha... See ya. Tata.
Oopss.. My lecturer is coming... :P