26 February 2009

Why Women Spend Longer Time In Shopping Mall?

One male and one female were given a mission: Go to Gap and buy a pair of pants.

What are the results?

The man spent averagely 6 minutes to buy a pair of Gap pants which cost $33 while the woman spent roughly 3 hours and 26 minutes, not reaching Gap but had used up $876.

I mean, based on the illustration below:

I almost fell off my chair when I found out a friend of mine, Joey had tagged me into his picture in Facebook (the one that I am showing you now). It was such a humorous joke and I just hardly stopped myself from giggling. Frankly, I think it does show the differences between men and women when it comes to shopping.

Well, we girls love shopping, especially window shopping and everyone knows it since all those shopping malls start conquering our lands. There is nothing to be surprised of as it has already been a fact, right? That's why, the word 'shopaholic' is created for us - the queen of shopping.


Why Women Spend Longer Time In Shopping Mall?

1) We are the economists - we are good in managing our own money and time in a smart way. Just take a very close example.

My dad used up about RM50 for:
- 1 toothpaste
- 1 toothbrush
- 1 pack of maggie mee
- 1 liter of cooking oil
- 1 tin of Milo
- 1 cup

My mum used up about RM50 for:
- 2 toothpaste *free 3 toothbrushes*
- 2 pack of maggie mee *free 1 plastic bowl*
- 1 liter of cooking oil *less 10%*
- 2 pack of refilled Milo *free 1 cup*

Note: Female spend wisely. Can you just see the differences?

2) We are the good researchers - We know where to get the cheapest price and good quality stuff. We know exactly the location of each shop in the mall. We know when will the mega sales start hitting in. We know because we survey. Just look at how a woman and a man spend their RM60 for the same t-shirt but in different time. The woman get 2 polo T-shirts, one for her husband and one for herself from Giordano while the man only get 1 for himself. The secret? We go for Buy-1-Free-1 promotion while man, they are too lazy to bother.

3) We are thoughtful - we care for the people we love, that's why we shop to get good present for them. We know very well that the present will be the best thing ever in his/hers life because we are too caring. By the way, we wouldn't simply grab a gift from any cheap, low quality shop for the people we love.

4) We need exercise - Most men prefer going to the gym for exercise while most women prefer shopping mall instead! As you can see in the picture, we girls do walk a lot and consume big amount of energy especially to those who wear high heels. In addition, we are away from those irritable UV light, hot weather (you know Malaysia well, don't you?), thick carbon monoxide from the vehicles and sticky road.

Besides, there is free air-condition and free music which are provided in the mall. Aren't we the brilliant creature in the world? Em.. I mean the FEMALES! :)

5) We are socializing - Most girls go shopping with their friends, especially for a long...long... window shopping. One of the best way I find out in strengthening a relationship with my friends is by going shopping with them. It is incredibly effective. Trust me boys. That long hours of being togetherness is worth it. Well, this is our way - the female way.

6) We are the businessman - We buy at a cheap price and sell them off with higher price especially on those unique items.

7) Do I have to continue pointing the reasons? I think the above 6 reasons are enough to make guys who read them stunned.. *wink*

Again, why women spend longer time in shopping mall?
Well, we are just too smart. Am I right, ladies?


Note: Thank Joey for the tag and inspiration... ;)