22 July 2012

A Love Story of Mine [Part 2]

Continued from [Part 1]

I found myself cuddled my booster tightly before the sunray dominating my body, as a sign of ‘hey-it’s-almost-1pm-and-you-should-wake-up!’.


The morning was cold because of the rain that poured heavily before dawn. The weather was just nice to continue another hours of sleep – but I didn’t.


I was still affected with yesterday incident – very much indeed.


It took me a full 12-hours to digest what had actually happened last night, when Calv re-confessed his feeling to me after the Bumbu Bali dinner. I still remembered how both of us were sitting quietly in his car, with no background music but could track my heartbeats sound, very close to my apartment under the bright moon.


I could feel my furious heartbeats and burning cheeks when Calv expressed his feeling and intention gently with such a phrase, “Kelly, I realized I like you and wonder if you could give me a chance and consider me?”


It was somehow funny to listen to his old-fashioned way of confession – very polite, structural and gentlemen, like watching the oldies movie. But then, it was part of the bonuses on the process of unlocking my heart. However, the funny thing was, I rejected him by saying, “Yes, I will consider”. In an instant, he politely replied in a business-like-manner, “Ok. Thank you for considering” and drove away after dropping me home safely.


That was how my night ended with a bouquet of roses I brought back home with sweet smile curving on my face, yet tense because I need to come up with a decision.


Note: Mum was surprised to see the flowers. She admired the flowers and teased dad for not buying her anything big like this in their almost-30-years-of-marriage. Dad ended up ;hating’ and blaming Calv (he hadn’t seen him) for buying me such a big bouquet of flowers because it made him look bad =P


While still lying on the bed, in that chilling morning, I murmured to myself, “Should I or shouldn’t I? Accept or not accept? Be in a relationship or continue single? Calvin or not Calvin?”.


These were the questions I frequently threw onto myself ever since the last date with Calv. Well, I knew I like him but I am not sure whether am I ready for a new relationship. The roller-coaster ride of emotion from my previous 4 years relationship failure  had hit me hard from the inside. My ex’s unfaithfulness had greatly affected my trust on guy and the possibility of building a long-term relationship. (Well, I didn’t share much of this chapter of mine as I think, it is not worth giving attention on).


However, I believe in God that he loves me and he must have a better plan awaiting me somewhere in the future. All I have to do is to mend the broken heart, enjoy my life to the fullest, improve myself, receive God’s love and trust his plans for me and my future partner – because I know, there must be someone who will love and appreciate me with all his heart – my another half.


So, is Calvin The One?
Is he whom God has prepared for me?
Are we compatible?


The dilemma continued throughout the day and week before he asked me out again. This time, he invited me to an event at a club named, The Roots organized by one of his friends, Nigel Sparks (MC) to celebrate his company, Negative’s first year anniversary. 


This time, I invited my 2 close friends and had an amazing time together. That night, spending with Calv and my friends did draw my bond closer to him. It has allowed me to see another side of him – friendly, funky and funny.

the rootz 

He did introduce me to his friends during in the event. When I was not noticing, he secretly replied to his friends when they asked which one is his gf, “Not yet but I hope the short hair in white shirt will be mine someday”.



Though the place was filled with loud music and people’s conversations, I could still hear his reply. That immediately made me blush. Like real blush… >.<


We joked, danced and drank throughout the whole event. It was funny to see him dancing – like a penguin maybe? Lol..


There was a time, after the event where he hold my hand when he found me dangerously crossing the road. I was on alcohol effect because the bartender continuously offered free-flow of coke+vodka  whisky at the event. It was my first time taking vodka and yes.. I was 45% drunk?


Well, the drunk-part is not important. What is more important is that.. HE HOLD MY HAND AND CROSSED THE STREET is a bigger alarm bell. Although I was 45% drunk, I could still feel the warmth of his hand and my fast beating heart-beat.


Secretly, I hope the moment could freeze a little longer so that he could continue holding my hand while both of my friends where watching from behind. “Are they smiling at us? Or are they shocked?”. I could no longer pay attention anymore.


Am I in Winter Sonata? *triple blushed*


After the event, we become closer to each other. Like he had promised, he will not bring out the question until I’m ready with an answer. I am grateful that he is a considerate man.


Well, it wasn’t too long for the question to pop up again. The time had finally revealed itself. I know I should make the decision, sooner or later. Well, to be or not to be? To accept or not to accept. To love, or not to love?


The state of dilemma could only last for another night before a life-change-decision was made, finally.


To be continued - with the ‘second proposal’.


lovestory Heart shaped candles


P/s: I want to write a complete love story of mine in one post. However, it seems that I’m too enjoying myself with writing it like a novel.

P/s/s: The real fact is that I am actually busy with my work. I could only spend little time each day online. So, ya.. here is my Part 2. Like Calvin has expected, there will be Part 3 on his second confession. Stay in love my dear readers ♥