07 August 2012

#rekomemories 3: Armpit Hairs

I was teaching my 1SP3 today on a new chapter called ‘Basic Measurement’ and focused on length and mass. So, like usual I connect my lesson with real world connection. This time, I choose the Olympic theme as my opening.

Me: So class, in what games will you we use length
Student A: Running.
Student B: Swimming.

Me: Emm… ok.
Student C: Teacher, cycling!

Me: Alright. So, what are the unit used for track and field?
Students: Meter! Kilometer too!

Me: Good. How about mass? In what games will we use mass?
Student D: Weightlifting!

Me: *feeling proud*
Wow. You guys are really good. Did you all watch weightlifting? What have you learnt from it? (what I actually mean was the type of mass unit normally used in the games).

Students E: I KNOW! Those female weightlifters have armpit hairs *raised his right hand while pointing at his armpit*


And the class burst into laughter.



They know because this was widely shared in the Facebook.
Kids this day… =.=!!