18 August 2010

Maybank MoneyTree YES 2 Red Carpet Party

On 6th August 2010, I was invited to MayBank MoneyTree Young Entrepreneur Startup 2 (YES 2) Challenge Red Carpet Party at Grand Dorsett Hotel, Subang Jaya. I should really thank to Money Tree for being so kind to keep a place for me to witness the success of this entrepreneurship programme as a media.


This event was was so grand, so huge. By just attending this has made me feel like I’m an important guest, like a VIP. Why?


All guests were welcomed with red carpet from the main entrance of the hotel till the hall. I made my first step in with pride and joy like an artist going for Grammy Awards. Well, this was such an unconscious act. I still can’t figuring out why I had the intention to behave like one. I guess, it must be my high heels (which I rarely wear) the well planned setting, flattering background music, the  unexpected big crowds and… the RED CARPET. Lol…


P/s: I just realized how a setting can affect one’s mind and behavior.


I got to meet some of the people whom I know during in the event and it was so great. Sadly, I didn’t manage to capture any photo with them as we were soon rushing to the hall.


redcarpet2 This is how Grand Dorsett Hotel’s hall looks like.

redcarpet3   The success faces surrounded the hall.


The elegant MC. Love her gown and make up so so much!


redcarpet4 Dato’ Nik Kamaruddin, Chairman of MoneyTree Malaysia




An entertaining magic show by David Lai


If you are starting to question what is with this YES 2 and Red Carpet, I understand. I didn’t know much about them too, not till when I was provided with enough information during in the event. As what I’ve learned, YES 2 is a season 2, business challenge organized by MoneyTree to help Young Entrepreneur launch their business ideas. It’s something like Apprentice. Interesting uh?


While having my buffet style dinner on the number 10 table with Neil and the others, I witnessed a long row of rewards giving ceremony.


The rewards are included:


"MoneyTree MoneyWise Award – Social Entrepreneurship, 2010”, awarded to Ms Kaberi Dutta

"MoneyTree MoneyWise Award – Academic, 2010”, awarded to Mr Wong Jun Wei

"MoneyTree Institution of Higher Learning Award – Promotion of Entrepreneurship, 2010", awarded to Taylor’s University College

“MoneyTree Youth Entrepreneurship – Media Advocate Award, 2010”, awarded to Malaysian Today

“MoneyTree Financial Literacy – Media Advocate Award – Teens Category, 2010”, awarded to New Straits Times

“MoneyTree Media Award – Overall Support of Youth Development, 2010”, awarded to The Sun

"MoneyTree – Financial Literacy – Corporate Advocate Award 2010,” awarded to Maybank

(resorces from: moneytree)





redcarpet14 redcarpet15




I don’t understand why I could eat while snapping pictures. It’s like an automatic habits. Adooii… Anyway, ahhhhhwww…. I so feel like joining this YES Challenge. So many rewards. I want too!


What I attracted the most about this YES challenge is the participants. There were 40 teams made up of youths from 18 Universities and Colleges before screening them into TOP 5 YES finalist team. The TOP 5 finalists  teams are Cup Chatters (UNITEN), Greenergy, Voila!, SyCo and Dreamzland, (UM). Gosh! University of Malaya!!! My uni!!!




I love these 2 MCs. Hilarious and entertaining.


I was so proud with all these young entrepreneurs (about my age) who have the gut to take part in this competition and showcase their talents in the right channel, like YES Challenge. It is great to witness the success of each team with their own masterpieces.  There are fat chances that their ideas can turn into a profitable business in future. Whoa…



Nicholas was giving his victory speech.


Cup Chatters team from UNITEN is the Grand prize winner and guess what, I knew some of them – Nicholas (The CEO) and Adeline. They are both Eric’s campus mates. What a small world. Although I have not known them in person, I’d heard a lot about them since years ago. Well, it is good to see them in person through the big screen with a big cash stated RM20,000. I’m salivating! lol..



I believe they have work really hard for the competition and thus, deserve the awards and recognition. So, congratulation!!! =D



The event ended with a photography session on stage with all the winners, sponsors and staff. While me… emm…. organizing a ‘photography session’ at the ladies with my beloved friend – Bei Shan. Did I tell you that she is the one who invited me to this event (under MoneyTree of course).


She is my friend and inviter, so how could I miss any photography session with her? And she looked so simply fabulous that night with her beautiful dress and make-up. Ahhhhhwwwwwww….


  redcarpet24edited  redcarpet25edited  redcarpet26edited


A new friend who I got to know – Joanna. Love her dress so much =)


Again, thanks for inviting me to this aspiring event. This has inspired and encouraged me to be an entrepreneur in future. Maybe I should start expending my ‘curryegg’ business? Lol.. Well, i’m serious.




P/s: Though my uni didn’t win the grand prize, I am still proud of their work (Dreamzland) on greenery project. It is great that they’ve thought of something which can earn while keeping the Mother Earth green. Keep it up UM-ians!