22 July 2007

Cuti Malaysia, Cuti Pahang

Have you ever heard about Cameron Highland in Malaysia?
Of course, Malaysian should know this since it's one of the most famous tourist spot in Malaysia.

Cameron Highland:
Cameron Highland is located in the state of Pahang. It was
discovered by William Cameron in 1885. In these days the British planters realized that those mountains were very fertile. Because tea was prized commodity among the colonies, they decided to grow tea on the slopes of the Cameron Highlands. There are two famous tea plantations in Cameron Highlands: Bharat tea plantation and Boh tea plantation. For more information click here

Well, yesterday, there was a sudden trip held by my aunt. Of course, it was to Cameron Highlands. Oohhh... I love it! Bharat Tea Plantation will be our first destination. We were having our breakfast there : tea and scones.

It was yummy but expensive. ;(
I heard a set of tea and scones cost us for RM24. Just a pot of tea and 2 small scones.. Wuoo.... Anyway, it was my uncle's favourite spot to have his breakfast there. Why? The view is extraordinary beautiful! Fabulous! And the air is fresh... Oxygen! ;)

The main enterance
This is what I mean... beautiful..

Bharat Tea plantation

My cousin and I... Posing.. hehe...

This message has stimulated my nerve... Is this means that there are people who like to pluck the tea leaves? Em..... ????? I won't!

Human is so intelligence that there will make full use of the nature for business purpose. For example this...

Here is a little cafe for visitors to have their meal. Cakes, tea, puff and scones are found here. Honestly, there are really delicious! No lie just... it's a bit more expensive.. But it's worth it...


The view... and the environment...

We can simply escape from the hectic life in the town for this relaxing environment.. muacks.. I love you.. ;)

Everything tasted so good...
Scones with cream, butter and strawberry jam.. eemmm... yummy..

My tea.. Add some milk and sugar will make the tea taste better..

Other than the local people, there were foreign tourists as well! I hope that they will enjoy the trip to Cameron Highlands just like I did! Have a nice day... ;)

Note: Will be continue for my following trip in Cameron Highlands in the following post. Stay tune.