08 July 2007

Orientation Week


I've just reached home and now I'm extremely tired.
I feel sleepy, dizzy and exhausted!

Jane, my family and I reached UM sharp at 8am. I thought it was early but the place was already crowed with people. I was so nervous.
"I'm now stepping on the real UM now...", I whispered to myself.

Soon, I reached my hostel and hundreds of eyes were staring at me. I'm the freshie- new students. Haha... I could see other parents were coming along too besides mine. hehe... I'm so lucky.

I spent within half and hour for my registration and I should praise my seniors for their systematic plans. Things were going pretty well and smooth.

After the procedure, I took my room key from the counter and wandered around, searching for my room. I was so excited to have a look at my room, my roommate and my seniors. Well well well.....

The roommate is nice.
My room is just ok..

And my seniors..... *double sweat*
Why I sweat? I will tell you on my next post.

My roommate and her family were cleaning the room when I reached there. Wow... they're super fast! Anyhow, I'm lucky too since my parents and my bf came all the way to help me.

The cleaning process took nearly an hour. It was still early for the orientation which will start at 1pm. So, I decided to take my lunch with my family. But our car was trapped!

The owner of the cars simply parked their cars... EERRrrr....

Triple parking lane.....

It was so irritating. We'd waited for almost 90 minutes! Eerrr! Why the owner couldn't be tolerance to other people? They shouldn't just think about themselves. What will happen if there was an emergency? Sigh.... :(