08 July 2007

Not Raging But Torturing

Well, well, well....
Finally I get this golden chance to blog. I am in the library now. *yes!*
Ohh... I miss blogging so much. Since I'm now staying in the hostel and I don't have my personal computer with me, so it's a bit hard for me to blog frequently.. *sob*

Looks like you guys are interested with my stories for the orientation week.

Honestly, the week was the hardest week I had ever gone through. It's even 5 times harder than my National Service! Sorry for this statement but it's true!

They shout, they screamed and they yelled at us.
Oh.. I just couldn't stand it. And I had my worst day during in this program. Do you know what was it? My roommate and I skipped bathing for 2 days!

Ehwww! I couldn't imagine this. Since we sweat from the morning till the night and yet, we were not allowed to clean ourselves at the night, I felt so uncomfortable. Oohhh!!!! I hate that feeling!!!! And hey! Here is one more disgusting thing. We were not allowed to wash our uniform since from the very first day untill 7/7/07!

My stupid dirty sweating shirt.. Ehhwww... ;(

Just imagine when we reached the hall for cheers competition.... Em.... pleasant aroma from the Kursiah team. Lol... haha... And the funny thing was, our college leaders sprayed perfume on us before moving to the main hall. hahahaha.... I won't forget this for my entire life! :)

Anyhow, I know that our seniors are trying to teach us and shape our personality to be a better person. Life in University will be slightly tougher than secondary school. So, I personality think that this kind of 'torturing teaching' is good since we will face the society soon. Besides, we have strengthen the bond between Kursiah members (senior + junior). *wink*

Thanks to all my seniors for helping us for the University registration and loan application. Without you, things won't go in such a smooth way. Oh ya, and thanks for cheering us when we were so down for losing the cheering competition. You guys are such a lovely person. I should say, they transform themselves from a fierce tiger into a cute lovely kitten.

Here are some of the photos for that closing day of the Orientation Week. It was a grand celebration and I'm now missing that moment... :)

We were so energetic at first.


When the ceremony had just started..... (for 10 minutes I guess...)

In the auditorium hall...


Some (I think most of us!) had even fall asleep during the talk session. We were so tired since we just had an average 2.5 hours sleep a day. I could sleep while standing... Gosh!

Anyhow, we rushed to the Main Hall when we'd received an order from our leader. We felt being left out and neglected since the sound system was so poor and we couldn't communicate with other team from the main hall. *sad*

These are my seniors who sang and danced on the stage.

My seniors who used to be so fierce and strict to us before...

They tried to cheer us when we were so down.

We were having so much fun!

We went back to our college and have a small meeting. That was my first time chit chatting in the hall in a friendly way with my seniors. Great!

Anyhow, we were so tired and exhausted...

When I went back to my room... This was how my room look like (few days ago...)

Oopss! My roommate and I just don't have the time to tidy up our room. Anyway, it looks better now.. haha... I did my room cleaning few days ago.

Hope to blog more soon... tata... :)
Here is a video clips that I had captured.. Have fun watching it!