06 August 2007

Future Counselor

I am so happy when everyone enjoys the awards which are given by me.. *big smile".

At least, my "Positive Effect" has effected some of you. Hehe... Hope that they have brighten your day.... :)

I am now, having my computer class and once again, my hands are so busy on the keyboard, blogging in my curryegg.com. Haha... As you may know, I've finished my presentation since last week. So, all I have to do now is to sit quietly in front of my computer, listen clearly to my friend's presentation. But shhh.... I blog as well. Hehe... ;D

Oh ya, I think I haven't tell you about me. Not deep enough. I just tell you how busy I am but I never mention about what course am I taking.

Well, I am majoring in counseling. Ya.. And I am minoring in psychology. *Crashdummie! I learn psychology too!* This field is still new in Malaysia and I wish to explore it. I want to be a counselor in the future and have my own clinic. Ahhh.... I hope my dream will come true.

I am not sure do I have the talent in this field? I am still new in this field but I have a great interest in it. I want to try and improve myself. If there is someone who wants to share their problems or maybe ideas on how to widen my knowledge on this field, please tell me! Let me know! You can send your ideas in my 'egg box' (comment box) or email : curryegg87@gmail.com.

Oopss... I have to go now.. My class has ended. Chow!