26 August 2007

China - Hainan

My dad has come back!

He reached home early in the morning. My Mum and I are so relief to see him back safely. Amitabha.. Thank for your concern to him.. ^^

He was a bit darker now due to the hot weather in Hainan. Hainan is the only place in China that is similar with Malaysia especially the weather. Both don't have four seasons-unlike in London, Paris, Korea and Japan. Hainan is one of the China favourite tourist spot. It's famous with her natural beauty such as the beach!

My dad has given me a special souvenirs from Hainan. Guess what it's? Photos! haha... So I can blog them here and share with you. Well, I am not going to blog about the beaches. It's about the lifestyles, about their living.

Here we go!

Do you still remember my previous post about my China Trip? (Click here, here and here..) I found out that the houses in Hainan are slightly different from Fu Jian. I believe that in every part of China, the lifestyle of the people will be different since the area of this country is huge. Here is some of the pictures.

Old house. They still use woods for cooking.

Do you realise that the doors of every houses are connected? Their design is difference. They connect their front and back door with their neighbours. Interesting!
But does this mean that we don't have privacy? Emm...

Gossip. haha... This is how they spend their time. (Psst.. my dad told me so..)

Now, let us go to the market!

Wet market. I can see dead chickens on my left hand side. Oohhh.... ;(

Shall I call this "Open-air market"? Haha...
Well! I saw durian over there! My dad said maybe they are imported from Thailand.. True? How about Malaysia? haha..

Chillies... Emm.... Red Tomatoes!
But dirty... Ewwh...

What is this? I don't know. I never saw this in Malaysia. Do you know this fruit??

Wow... Are they coconut? Beautiful!
Eggs! Wow! Can I make curry egg? haha...

My dad purposely took this picture. He said the fish look special.
I mean the fish in right corner..
flat fish...???

Oohh.. Eggs again.. But.... Why some of the eggs are in red colour?
Chinese "Kau chi"! haha... They look like an art for me.
Hygienic stall. Better... :)

Have you heard anything about Chinese "tau fu"?
"Tau fu" is made by soy bean. My dad want me to blog this as well. The reason is.. there are variety shape of "tau fu". I wonder will they taste the same or vice versa?

The raw "tau fu"..
They fried the "tau fu"... Golden brown..

Finally.. the Chinese PAU!!!
Ohhh.... Steam Pau.. My favourite. Now I am upset because my dad didn't buy me anything accept these photos. *Sob*....

I just can see but can't touch.... Sob..
ooohhhhh.... Unfair dad!
Where is my souvenir!!!??!!