01 September 2007

Birthday In Penang

For your information, today is my birthday!
I was being treated by my cousin today for Chinese 'dim sum' and in the afternoon, I was being treated with my favourite laksa! Yummy! Penang is the only place that has all my favourite dishes! Yummy. I love Penang!

But I am worry now.. I found out that my weight is increasing. Ohhh... my God. Lol... I think I'm in big trouble if I am allowed to stay here for a months. Haha..

Sorry for rarely blog. I'm having my qualities time with my family. So, don't worry about me. I will blog again as soon as I reach my home.

I feel a bit disappointed...
Now.. it's 7.31pm and I don't receive any birthday cake. Sob... sad.... :(
I think I should by my own....