24 September 2007

Thank you my dear bloggers friends

I am truly bless to have you guys.

My life will be colourless without you besides me. You're here for me, reading my blogs and giving me supports when I really need them.
Thank you my blogger friends!
You're great!

My mum is fine now. The doctor has given her a week leave. All she gotta do now is to rest and visit the doctor again in another 5 days. I really feel terribly sorry because I can't be with her now. She stays by her own at home while I've to attend classes.

After this incident, I've learnt something about life. We will never appreciate a person until we nearly lose them. I love my mum but I never show it. It's a bit weird for me to say "I love you mummy" every time I meet her. (Except during mother's day, I will express my love to her....)

However, after this incident which I've almost lost her, I don't feel hesitate to express my care and love for her anymore. I want her to know that her daughter is always there for her and she will be glad to have this lovely daughter.

As my conclusion, show your love to those that you love before it's too late. Maybe you're arguing with your parents or have a crush on someone that have caught your eyes, or you hate your best friends for betraying you.... But if you try to think about how short a life is, those problems will evaporate from your mind. The word "sorry" will easily come out from your mouth, the word "I love you" will easily being expressed and the word "I forgive you" will being said our by you.

To be frank, I am not a person who can express my feeling easily using verbal. I prefer to write it more than speak about it. This is why I love to blog. Anyway, I'm learning to change myself since using verbal is the best way to express one feeling. It will include one's eyes contact and body language. But don't worry, curryegg.com will keep continuously being updated!

Thank you again my blogger friends.... ;)