26 September 2007

The Mooncake Festival

Hey guys.

I'm wondering what has actually happened on me. First, my mum was injured and emitted to the hospital and last two days, I got food poisoning. Sigh.... I feel that I am in such a bad luck in this end of September.

I kept on vomiting whenever there was something in my stomach. I even got diarrhoea and fever at the same time. Lucky for me that I was given treatment on time. Eric took me to a nearby private clinic during in the evening when I was so ill to move.

As the result, I was given 5 types of medicine including antibiotic. Ahhwww...... I hate medicine! I stayed in my hostel for whole day, alone. It was boring! Well, Yesterday, I was actually really disappointed because it was the Lantern Festival (also known as The Moon Cake Festival) and it's a meaningful festival for the Chinese.

However, I felt energetic when Eric bought me a pack of fish porridge in the evening. Amazingly, I didn't vomit anymore. Now, I came up with my naughty thought. I wanna join the celebration with my friends. I don't wanna stay in the room alone in that whole evening when everyone was so happy holding lantern together and enjoying moon cakes. I wanna join them too!

So, I took myself to the gathering hall and joined the celebration at 8pm. I was right. Everyone was there just like a family. It was such a memorable moment for me since my family was not with me. At least, I am not alone in this University right?

I've took some photos for this lantern festival. Hopefully I am able to post time in my next post. Psst... I'm using my hostel computer and there are a lot of viruses here. Better not to put my pendrive on this lousy computer.. Oopss.... ;)

Oh ya... I am alright now and don't worry. I will continue my assignments in these few days. Wait for my blogs ya? See ya...