12 September 2007

Belive In Yourself

No matter how weak you're,
No matter how hard the road is,
No matter how disappointed you're,
Never give up.
Believe in yourself that you can make it.
Life is never easy.

Thing you want won't easily come.
We've to dream for it,
look for it,
and grab it.
Once you get it,
Never lose but treasure it.
As it is so precious.

No matter how struggle you're,
No matter how painful you're,
No matter how stressful you're,
Never give up.
As long as there are winds,
your ship will reach the shore
- curryegg -

I am not sure am I writing a poem. But there is something in my mind that I need to voice out. I believe that nothing that we dream is impossible to be achieved as long as there are efforts. This is what my dad keep on telling me: "As long as there are winds, your ship will reach the shore", "When there is a will, there is a way"...

I was so down some times ago. I feel like I was lost with what I've and haven't done.

Am I on my right path?
Am I doing the right thing?
Am I confident enough in this?

I was a bit confused before and felt so down. I was not sure with what I must and mustn't do. I want to speak it out but to who? I felt so guilty since this is my own problem and I shouldn't ask this kind of silly questions to anybody. But I am a kind of person that believe speaking out to someone you trust can help. So, I came to my dad and seek for advice, finally.

As I'd expected, I was being lecturer by my dad just now. What he told me was right and meaningful. This is what I wanna listen. He has motivated me and guided me back to my own track after listening to my problems. Thank dad. My day is as bright as the sun now (although it is night time now...haha...).

I realise that, everyone will have their down time no matter how strong or how famous they are (Even president will face problem). I've learned that, speaking out our worries to someone that we believe is crucial. Don't keep it until the next following day. You might think that you've solved the problem but actually, you're not. You're just making the matter worst. So, try to find a friend, a family member or a specialist to help you. Face the problem and try to think it. Once you make it, I believe your sunny, bright face will return again...

I don't care how hard my life will be, I'll try my best and be myself!
Thanks dad. I love you....
I am happy again!