11 September 2007

Sushi King Again!

As you've read my previous post, I've mentioned about the Sushi King Promotion. I've gone there finally and it was such a satisfying meal!
Just imagine! Each plate that was served just cost for only RM2! Yup!
RM2 man!
We can save for more than 50%! Isn't that intriguing?

Eric, his friends and I went there with our empty stomach but came back like a 10 months pregnant woman. Haha... Just imagine, how much have we consumed them in that 2 hours.

It was such a waste that I didn't have my camera on that time. Or else, you will have the chance to see our greedy look.

I did a small observation while sitting in the restaurant. There is a small question popping in my mind: "What is the difference between a girl and a guy in the way of eating?".

What is the difference between a girl and a guy in the way of eating?
Generally, girls of course eat fewer than the guys. This is normal since guys are stronger and bigger in size than the girls; their metabolism are higher. Thus, they eat much.

Then, another new question popped out again. "How about the difference of eating between a girl and a guy during in a buffet or promotion?"
To be frank, there is no difference.

What is the difference of eating between a girl and a guy during in a buffet or promotion?

No Difference!
Girls eat as much as the guys. (That's me!) Haha... ;D
No matter how much they ate and how full they are, they will take in as much as they can. Everyone is motivated to eat as much as they can after doing some smart calculation for how much they can save in the promotion. This is a smart strategy to attract customer. Smart Sushi King!

Girls will lose their feminine sides while the guys will add more to their masculine sides. Biologically, their hormones actively stimulate the body and soon, increase the metabolism. As the result, they eat more than usual. And in psychology, this is what we call: Motivation (in eating) !
Lol... (I make my own concept... Don't take this too seriously... hehe..)

After reading my observation, you can imagine how much I've eaten. It was such an embarrassing moment if you're there. Haha.... Empty plates were placed as tall as the sky scrappers. Lucky for us that the waitress cleaned them for us in every half an hour. Otherwise, our faces were being covered by the colorful plates from the crowds. Lol...

Overall, today is a fun-eating-day since sushi is a part of me now. But hey! I never knew that my rate of metabolism is so high. I am hungry now!