22 September 2007


I couldn't bare my disappointment anymore.
I was shivering to look at those blood!
I felt myself so weak and couldn't think of anything. Mum's nose was bleeding and the white marble floor was covered with her blood.

I didn't know what I should do accept for crying continuously until I reached a hospital.
I was so afraid to be in this situation but as her daughter, I must be strong! Putting on my strength and courageous, I tried things that I never tried before.

I followed her to the emergency wad, took her to the X-ray room, observing the doctor who fixed her nose, paying the for the administration and finally... I'm taking care for her. I was lucky because my grandma and my relatives were besides me. They've helped us a lot.
And not to forget my cousin who kept staying besides us. Thank you a lot ah boy.

Now, I don't have the mood to do my another 2 assignments and sorry that I don't have time to edit the Fraser Hill's photos. I will blog when my mum is getting better.

I hope she can get well soon... Amitabha...