15 September 2007

I Love World Vision!

"With their monthly contributions of RM50.00, they are helping more than 14,000 children in China, Mongolia, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Lebanon, Myanmar, South Africa and Cambodia."

I was attracted with this sentence. I never know that RM50.00 can help such a number of children. 14,000 of them!

William, my cousin has just told me about this website: World Vision. I knew nothing until I click on this website. As soon as I reached the website, my heart was melting. I saw there are some photos about those unlucky children who desperately need our help. I took some efforts to understand their great mission. I was wondering how this project will work.

Dr. Bob Pierce was the founder of World Vision. The World Vision partnership's mission is to help children in some poor countries. It has started its mission since 1997 in Malaysia and I am so embarrass that I know nothing about this since I am a Malaysian. Sigh... ;(

My fellow reader, do you feel attracted to help this poor children? How can we help them? There is a link that is written "Adopt A Child". You can whoever child that has caught your heart from any country that you want. Next, just put in your personal detail including your way in donating the money. Then, you can choose the amount of money that you want to donate in every month.

It's just RM 50 and you can save up to million of children. These children need food, shelter, education and stuff to support their living. I've convinced my parents and hopefully will sign up soon.

So, my dear Malaysian blogger friends especially those who can effort this donation, why not give it a try and I am sure, these children are waiting for your support. Every cent means a lot to them. If you are interested, do pay a visit on their website for further information.
World Vision

William will be going to a program tomorrow that is held by the World Vision in Bukit Jalil,Malaysia. I heard they will be having some activities including starve for 30 hours (it's call 30 hours famine) for the children of the world.

Ohh... It's such an admiring programme. I blamed him for not telling me earlier. Or else, I can join him! Err.... I miss the great chance!