16 September 2007

What's Up Advertlets?

Golden Opportunity!


I never ever get involved in any blogvertorial until today, I sawa golden opportunity in my Advertlets dashboard. Psstt!!! there is an earning-money-opportunity for its members. (That's me!)

I am still an early-bird in this stuff. It's time for me to take action here. There was a contest being held by the Advertlets recently: The Stickers Contest. I was so amazed by those winner's works. They were so creative in inventing and placing the Advertlets logo. To my surprise, some even dare to stick the stickers on their face! Haha... You should have a look!

These winner deserve the RM50 for their hard work. I was regret for not joining them. Anyway, it is not the end of the world! I still can earn some cash from Advertlets by waiting for another blogvertorials ( here I am!) and placing the ads here. It's super easy for earning some pocket money.

Being a student is never easy. I can't effort to expanse ourselves with expensive stuff. Not even afford for a cup of Starbuck Espresso (RM 11.00 ++ ... including the 5% tax).

All I can only effort is having a teh tarik (RM1.00) and a piece of roti canai (RM0.80) in the mamak stall (Tax free!). Pity me... ;(

Roti Canai... And Teh Tarik....

That's why I try to seek every opportunity that will help me to earn some pocket money so that I don't have to burden my parents. They are old now and I have to take the responsibility to help them. This is the reason why I choose Advertlets. I can blog as well as earning some money at the same time! This is what we usually heard: Killing two birds with one stone!
It's so easy and you gotta try it. (especially student! Lol..)

Till now, my account never reach RM1.00... sigh... but if I ever get the chance to receive a RM100 cheque, I will of course spoil myself with more roti canai! Haha... I'm just joking. I will buy a Psychology textbook that cost around hundred ringgit. But... How about my parents? Uhhh? Emm..... I think I should erase my first thought. I will give RM50 for each of them and about the book... I should depend on Advertlets for another cheque...


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