29 September 2007

Uhh? Uncyclopedia?

What's uncyclopedia?
Maybe some of you might not realise that there is such a website now.

"Uncyclopedia is a website which is a parody of Wikipedia. The information there is not true. It is meant as a joke. Users make fun of things by creating pages about them in the same way users can create and edit pages in a For example, the page on George W Bush says that he is the same person as the Evil Emperor in the movie Star War." - Wikipedia

Honestly, it's like a joke if you enter it. It's completely similar with the wikipedia website starting from the logo, the fonts, the way they present their information and etc.

From the uncylopedia

From the wikipedia

Later, I tried to type "M-a-l-a-y-s-i-a" in their search box and "puff!"... here they are.. Well, it's hilarious but some of the content is a bit sensitive and hurtful as well. I felt uncomfortable reading this:

From the uncyclopedia

From wikipedia

Siti Nurhaliza
- National Queen of Prostitutes. Former pop star who now focuses her career on stealing husbands.

Gosh! How dare they write such thing? She's one of our international famous artist and how can they write her as a national queen of prostitutes? Maybe it's funny but for me it's rude. She works so hard for her career and gained her reputation.

And she's my idol Ok? People shouldn't label her as this! I don't care who's her husband nor what she did. But all I care is her voice. She has such a sweet, powerful voice. That's the result I admire her a lot. Here is a video clip of her.. You can have a look on her... ;)

And here is her blog! (here)

About this uncyclopedia, it's a good humor website. Anyway, I hope they don't misuse the website to hurt people.. Amitabha...