13 August 2007

Exam Fever

If you are asking me whether am I having my computer class now, I will answer you shortly, "Yes".

I think if my lecturer realise this blog, I think I will be threaten to death. Lol...

Today I am a bit sick. I am having my fever now. Uhhh... I think I am having an 'exam fever'. Tomorrow will be my first exam and I am not yet ready. Maybe I am a bit nervous since this subject is still new to me. Em.... I should try to relax myself.

But.... after that exam, I have another 3 assignments to be done. Gosh! I have to get ready for those assignments.

I will be off for few days and I will be back again with more photos.

Yes... photos!

I've visited an interesting place, yesterday. So, please come back and check them out ok?
Miss you guys! Hugs....