10 August 2007


Looks like everyone is interested in dream!

Personally, I feel that dream is something mystery, something unexplainable by science.
I have read through your comments and thank for giving me your response. They are interesting!

Zu and Gingy have pointed out that she has the same dream all the time and some even appeared in her life. Weird! I have this kind of dream too! I still remember I dreamt of a place that I'd never been to. About a month later, my parents bring me to the place and it was almost similar to my dream!

Well, I couldn't explain it since my book just mention a bit about dream. It doesn't mention about the mystery of dream. However, I heard there is a book about dream. I think some of you might have heard about the book before. Do tell me! I should find out and analyze it.

But what I know now is that what we keep thinking of in the day time will appear in our dream. Why?

According to physiological view, dreams are simply our subjective experience of what is, in essence, random neural activity in the brain. Such activity occurs while we sleep simply because a minimal amount of stimulation is necessary for normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, and our dim awareness of it is the basis for dreams (Foulkes, 1985; Hobson 1988).

How to make full use of your dream?
Jot your dreams down in your diary. You can use your story in your dreams for poem or essay just like what Rajeev did! Cool! He did this and what a creative guy he is!

How about you?
Do you did the same thing too?
Or any better idea for this?
Please share with me... :)

I have found out this cool website. It's about describing your dream. Have a try!