06 November 2007

Breasts Molester!

You've read the right title.
A saleswoman had molested me!

For all this while, I've never been touched by anyone, not even my own mother ever since I've reached my puberty. They are so private and no one should touch them.
Do you get what I mean?
I mean my breasts!

It was a gloomy evening when my aunt and I when to the Jusco a shopping complex to do some shopping. Good news to the Malaysian shopper. They are having a Deepavali promotion in all Jusco stores starting from 2nd November till the 11th November 2007. They will be 10%-15% discount for J-card member.

Knowing the promotion, I borrowed a J-card from my aunt and start hunting for clothes. For sure, most girls love new clothes. It's our investment. Lol... I did get some new clothes.

I love this a lot... 15% discount from VJ
And this too! 50% discount le.. from Googles
Same. 50% less from Googles

Soon, when I was almost leaving the ladies department, I came across with the Audrey counter. They were having promotion too and everything will be 15% less. So, I decided to walk in and search for my new 'company'. Since Chinese New Year will be another 2 months plus, it's good to make an early CNY shopping.

While I was looking around, a kind Malay lady served me. I was not an expert with bra so, I let her to help in searching for a suitable one. Within minutes, she brought me 8 pieces of brassiere with each in difference pattern and size. *roll eyes*

Then, she took me to the fitting room and let me have a try. It took me some minutes to try them. However, before I managed to finish all of them the saleswoman knocked my door and said:

Saleswoman: "Dik.... sudah siap ke? Nak kak tolong ajar pakai?"
(Have you done. Do you want me to help you?)

I was like... uuuhh? Help me? Why? No thanks. I can wear it and I don't need help. So, I rejected her request. Then, the door was being knocked again.

"Mari lah dik. Jangan malu. Kamu ada, saya pun ada. Dan saya punya lagi besar. Jangan la takut. Buka pintu la..."
(Come on. Don't be shy. We both have the same organ and mine is even bigger than yours. So, don't be afraid. Open the door please)

What she said was right. Her breasts are much more bigger than me. Lol... You know what I mean if you know her. I should blame myself for finally opened the door for her. I let her in finally to check out the way I wore.

"Bukan macam ini dik. Macam ini...."
(You're wrong. You should wear it like this....)

Gosh! She unfastened the hook and re-wear it for me. Then, she pushed my breasts so hard and finally I could see the result. First word came out from my mouth... "Wow!!!"
I couldn't believe what I've seen. It's like.... so fleshy, full and rounded. Ok. I don't mean mine are big. Just the effect is extra-ordinary.


  1. Having a good push-up bra will help a lady to achieve her dream in order to have a good shape for breasts. (The saleswoman used the term 'long kang' means drain)
  2. Knowing the right skills to push your breasts are required.
  3. Get a good saleswoman to help you if you haven't master any skills or knowledge in this.

Why we need a push-up bra or underwear? I did blog about it before if you're unaware of. Here.

I should thank her instead of label her as a molester. Somehow, I will never forget this helpful lady... for being my breasts molester.... ever!