22 November 2007

Stop Talking Behind My Back!

What do you feel when someone talk behind your back and you know it?
What if the person is your own relative?

What if the person has hurt your mum who has heard about it?

I hate people who talk behind my back. Of course, I won't do that too because I believe that what we did will reflect on us in the future, just like the mirror effect. However, I can't stand with her, (my aunt) any longer.

Some hours ago, my mum gave me a big SIGH.... with her gloomy face when I was sitting beside her. She said something that has really pissed me off.

"Curryegg, I never know that your aunt has been looking down at you, ALL the time", my mum said.

"What? Who? And Why?", I asked curiously.

"She told your another aunt that you
won't have a bright future for taking counseling as your future career, unlike her daughter who is taking accounting", she sighed again.

you're not a bright student, taking counseling and psychology will not take you any further. They will only burden you", she added.

I kinda hurt listening to those words. Maybe it's not that hurt when you get the gossip from the third party since there are some possibilities that what we heard might be not accurate. (I'm trying to convince myself).

Somehow, I believe 99% that what I heard might be correct since it's not the first time I heard those thing from others and her own mouth ever since I was a child. Sorry for losing my optimistic mind. Somehow, I am a normal human and I do have my own emotional time. I need to release them NOW! Well, it's unlucky for her that I'm using my cruelest weapon to release my stress : My blog! I know, she might read this but I don't mind letting her know since she has hurt my mum. (my mum is my everything, of course daddy too)
I am sorry. Anyway, I've my right to do so since I am still taking care of her privacy. (No photo, no name or etc)


Actually, I am not going to say anything bad about her since she is my aunt and I've to respect her. But, I just wish to tell her that what she's said and done sometimes are hurting others. Don't you know that my 'lovely' aunt?

To be frank, I am hurt when I saw my mum's unhappy. I did ask her why but she refused to tell me the reason. I guess she feels bad when her own relative saying such cruel word and labelled her daughter as 'NOT A Bright Student' (is she saying me stupid???).

No one ever manage to predict the future, not even my aunt, not even my mum or me, unless you're a fate teller. I don't care what she'd said and what she'd done to my mum before. All I want to do now is to study hard and smart and build my own career in the future. I wanna prove to her! I believe in hard work and at the same time, luck that will determine my future.

I will be there, on the top of the mountain - Mount. Everest for sure.


P/S: If you ever get to read this post, I shall send you a big Thank You for encouraging me, my dear Aunt. Thanks.. (no offend, and I am sincere...)