05 May 2007

Fate Or You???

We choose our own path. Do you agree it? Or do you think that everything in our lives are fated? Or the God has chosen the road for us?
This is a very interesting question and I've asked some of my friends. Most of them had answered me, "Yes, we choose our path, not fate". "90% of hard work and 10% of luck", Macro even answered me this.

I had just watched Spiderman 3 couple of days ago. It was a nice movie. Have you watched it? The movie has taught me something which is good- we always have the choice in choosing our own path. It is all about Peter Parker, the spiderman who has suddenly changed and transformed into a black custom spiderman. The transformation has enhanced his power but it changes him totally-to the bad. He knows the effect of the black custom very well, but he choose to be evil when he failed to purpose MJ. (and some other failures as well)

Since he starts wearing the suit, Peter Parker starts to hate and neglect people around him. Well, let me shorten the story. He, of course, changes back into himself again when he realises his mistakes. He fight the darkness. The point is he CHOOSE!!!
He choose to be who he want to be from good to evil and from evil to good.
He is the want who CHOOSE his path and his personality! Not fate!

I think I still need to work on my personality. I should change some of my negative habits and behaviour to be better. I know it's hard for me. But, if spiderman can turn over a new leaf, why can't I??? hehe... :)

Well, this is the same with us. We can't just depends on fate in choosing our road. We've to depend on ourselves if you want something to work. Let say in career, if you want to be a successful doctor, you've to put a great effort on it.

There is a story of a man that I had heard before. The man went to a fortune-teller to ask for his future. Great news for him, the fortune-teller told him that he'll be a rich businessman in future and asked him not to worry. He trusted her. Being excited of what he had heard, he paid the money and went back home. Since then, he kept on day-dreaming and stopped working hard for his studies. He knew his future so he didn't have to work hard on it. Years went by, and guess what? He didn't turn up to be a successful businessman but a successful beggar instead.

For career, I can answer it very well but how about love? Do you feel that we're fated to someone by God? Or..... we find the person by ourselves?
"I believe that I'm the one who is choosing. But, anyway, we need fate to bring and show us the person before we can choose", Eric answered me. He's right.. I agree with him ;D

Honestly, I feel confuse sometimes. Someone told me that, everything is fated and we shouldn't against it. Just like in the olden day, when parents make the decision in choosing the bride for their son or vice verse. Well, is this what we call as fate? On the other hand, there is someone who have even told me that we shouldn't give in our love to fate. We choose our love. Luckily for us, in today's world, we have the right to choose the person that we love, not our parents anymore. Hurrooeeyy!!! :D

So, how do you think? Fate choose for you? Or? You are the one who choose and determine your future??
I say both.