30 May 2007

Oohh... Miss Universe!!!

Did you watch the show "Miss Universe 2007"?

Yup. It was won by the 20-year-old dancer from Japan. Congratulation Riyo Mori.
I feel proud of her since this was the second time a Japanese girl won. The last time Japan won the pageant was in 1959 when Akiko Kojima became the first Miss Universe from Asia. I was being corrected that there are several of Asian ladies who were being crowned before (India, Philippine, Thailand....) Sorry for the mistake.. ;)

Anyway, I felt that this year, the crowning was a bit unexpectedly... funny... I know you saw it... Here..

I'm so happy....

Oh no...!!!

And sad to see this.... The Miss USA slip...

Anyway, she did a good job. Her reaction was fast, stand up immediately after the fall...
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