25 May 2007

China trip - 3

People In China- Some facts that you should know.

In that 8 days, I'd make my observation about people in China. Firstly, people in the rural area are really poor. They don't own any vehicles accept bicycles or motorcycles. Some even just walk on their feet. Here are some pictures that I'd captured along the journey.

She took 3 children at the same time just by walking...

A man who was pulling a cart. He worked as the road sweeper.

A couple who was on the way back to their home. *sweet*

Took this while I was on the way to Ann Qi (so it is blur).
Do you know what it is? PIG!!!

They've been building thousand of temples since the past thousand of years ago and even now, they're still building! I believe that you've seen those photos in my previous posts right? Seriously, you can't find an area without a temple and this is true! I should say that they have a strong belief in God.

Some ladies who are married will make a knot on their hair with some flowers decoration. They make this twice a month ( during in the 2nd and 16th in the Chinese calender).

There is no denying that the Chinese in China is really good in art and they've the skills. We went to a half-building temple when we passed by Hui Ann, to meet my grandma's old friend. Fortunately, I could witness the making of the temple! WOW!!! To our amazement, they curved the wood all by their hands.

He was so concentrating...

They worked as a theme. There are 2 young men who own this skill too. Great!

He made holes on those woods using a manual machine so that it was easier to identify those unwanted places.

Take a peep:

This is one of the art work. Can you see? It is amazing!

As I've said, life in China is not easy. The population in this country is too high. As a result, they hardly get a high paid job. Accept, if they're lucky and are born in rich families, living in the big city like Shanghai and Beijing, their lives can be better than these:

Ladies who work in tea shop. They were grading the tea leaves.

Selling sea-weed beside the ferry terminal. It was so big uhh??

A man who was selling Chinese cake. (Not nice) ;(

They were repairing the fishing net.

Who know ping dong wu lao? A kind of sweet dessert (red packet)

At night... beside the street :

2 in 1 job. He worked as fortune-teller as well as Chinese chess player.

Poor guys, sleeping in a plastic basket while waiting for customers.

For those who have a better life, they can enjoy.....

plucking sea-weed, getting a ride on the ferry....


Throwing money... haha... (they're tourists)

Almost everyone drink tea in China. No one stay away from tea. They serve their guests with tea too and I love it. Tea is good in washing away those fats oil in our body.

Tia Guan Ying tea

Here are something that you may never know and I really hate it.

1. Men-they're great smokers. God! I became a victim of 2nd-smoker in that 8 days. Gosh!!! Most of the men smoke and this is their so-called-culture. My grandma's relatives even force my dad to smoke! sigh...



2. Gambling is their favourite hobby. You can find them gambling in any corner: home, street, park...temple...

In the park

Beside the temple, playing mahjong....

Even women! Old lady... emm....

3. They're a lot of cheaters! They sold fake items to you. Example: pearl, crystal,gold....

4. Greedy. Example: A woman sold a China map to my mum for RMB40. After the bargain... she just sold RMB 6!!!! OMG.... can you imagine?

So, be cautious when you're planning to visit China. Be wise when you're buying things there. Make sure that you're smart when dealing with them.